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Rectilinear Volumes

Here are my three sketch models that has a dominant, sub dominant and subordinate in one composition. Below are my 2D sketch analysis for each models on how to further improve them!

Sketch Model #1 before analysis

2D sketch analysis-01

With this composition it is noted that I needed to make the dominant volume more prominent while making the subordinate thinner so as to not confuse and make it seem as if there is two subordinate. Wedging the subordinate and subdominant at 1/3 the length helped to give the composition almost a a float like effect.

Sketch Model #2 before analysis

2D sketch analysis-02

With this composition, it is noted that piercing the subordinate through the subdominant makes it interesting but it is also hard to balance the composition between the dominance of the length of the subordinate and the dominant. Again, my dominant needs to be more prominent and I also decided to thin down 1/3 the subordinate to make it more obvious.

Sketch Model #3 before analysis

2D sketch analysis-03

With this composition, wedging the subordinate and the subdominant at a corner makes it interesting. However the dominant needs to be more prominent and maybe even cutting the subordinate shorter and shifting it not too in the dominant will make it more obvious as the subordinate.



3D Object of Interest


My 3D object is a seashell keychain. This seashell is an example of a natural 3d form. It is interesting as nature is able to take its own course into forming a natural composition of the dominant, sub dominant and subordinate. The large smooth and polished surface represents the dominant of the entire form followed by the a line slowly spiralling in the centre forming the sub dominant. Upon reaching the centre where the spiral is tighter is forms the subordinate which draws your eye attention to it. All three compliments each other nicely giving it an interesting 3 dimensional form.

It is made out of the natural shell material but further polished to make it less fragile in form as seashells break easily. It is aesthetically pleasing and makes a good function for hanging your keys or even just as a keychain.