Artist Research #2 : Tehching Hsieh

Tehching Hsieh Book

Tehching Hsieh is a performance artist who’s works deals mainly with the concept of time. Using it as an artistic material and tool. His main works were 5 One Year Performance and a Thirteen Year Plan. What I got out from his work was his perseverance and his mental strength to push through for a long period of time.

Quotes from Book #1

“How time is lived and felt in a body; how it leaves its marks in material things, how the past lives in the present; how singular lives and time remains.” : Adrian Heathfield

“Hsieh story is all about becoming a sentient witness of time.”

“… in their absolute conception and enactment of art and life as simultaneous processes.”

“Hsieh is working with and from the direct experience of the present, using time as an artistic material and tool.”

“… a desire to make the process of thinking about art an artwork.”

“Hsieh’s work reflects an interest in the destablisation of art’s objecthood through the refiguring of art as the process of ideas.”

“For Hsieh, the artwork is not just the index of a preceding and largely unseen duration, it is the lived duration itself, a lived time that includes numerous indexical forms and varying degree of visibility.” pg.17

Books Researched

1.) Heathfield, A. (2008). Tehching Hsieh: Out of now: The lifeworks of Tehching Hsieh. Cambridge: The MIT Press.

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