Analog Project: Plastic Bags

Have you ever wonder what happens when we throw plastic bags away?
Have you ever heard of this phrase:

Reuse, reduce & recycle?

I know that you have heard it a thousand times, but it’s really a good way to protect our environment today. Fortunately, more and more people today shows up to the supermarket/stores with tote bags.

This concept came to me while I was shopping for groceries in the supermarket and when I went back home to put down my stuff, I realised that I would just throw the plastic bags away. Or i would use those plastic bags for my rubbish bin, which eventually get thrown away as well.

Therefore, I came up with a concept to reuse plastic bags (not to bring to the supermarket and buy more groceries), but to make it to a pretty installation.

Recalling Andy Warhol’s floating Mylar balloons, the resulting pieces hover in space, moving with the viewer (and the air currents of the room).

Andy Warhol's silver clouds


Till then, I am going to experiment with different plastic bags at home. Ciao!

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