Lore VI

Celebrations in Natura are rather grand in scale. Every race has their own celebration during certain days of the year.


These race-exclusive festivals are mainly to worship their gods and thank them for the smooth-sailing year. Some of these celebrations would also include a mark or a date on an very important event in their history, and this celebration or day serves them as a reminder to this very day.

Although these celebrations are race-exclusive, they are still rather grand in scale and other races are also more than welcome to celebrate with them.

on the whole

Natura has a few standard (or default) days of celebration, mainly the founding day, harvest festival and the crowning day. These festivals are very large-scale and grand, and many people from other countries and cities are very welcome to join and celebrate with a huge feast. And of course the one with the heartiest feast would be harvest festival…. like of course there will be lots and lots and lots of food.. [OOC] that’s my favourite festival! [/OOC]


something i did on the last minute while struggling to get back the time i lost during my rehearsal days for my hall’s production (whoops).

i re-did my entry as the piano was really… just too creepy ew it dominates everything and blows everything out of proportion.


reminds me of my 3D ew kong kong kong kong kong

I then removed the piano sounds and recorded a few more (apart from the running into the woods and running sounds which i downloaded since i do not have the luxury of time (whoops again) to record, this is my second piece.

I only used a total of five layers as i was aiming for a more direct, straight-to-the-point narrative where the two main characters were exploring at the marketplace, then exiting the marketplace to the long road to the woods, ready to take on their mission/agenda to investigate ILU. For those whom had no idea what is ILU, look at chapter 2.

it was my first time using premiere since vegas kept crashing on me.
it was my first time using premiere since vegas kept crashing on me.

Ever since i was a young girl, i was always drawn to game soundtracks that never fail to bring me into a new environment. I have always relied on them to bring me into another dimension while I am studying to make studying a whole more ‘joyful’ process.

These soundtracks have a focus and a mood. They are simple and clear. Hence i wanted to achieve clarity through conveying a mood of nature that fits perfectly to the city of Natura. fine.

Chapter 2 – queen

“Welcome, cat, welcome to the heart of Natura!” the flight exclaimed while imitating the typical tour guide. “Here in the castle you can see the queen, and marvel at the beautiful sight of how Natura’s architecture blends in perfectly well with Mother Natureeeeeeeeee!”

Upon landing, Idrienne set down from the flight, and marvelled at the sight of the castle. It was a beautiful sight. It looked like a normal tree from far. However, upon looking closer, you can see that it is a castle that camouflaged well among the trees. It clearly reflected the nature of Natura: Natural and magical.

Just then, Idrienne felt a strong gust of wind.

A figure swooped down from the skies, and made a smooth landing.

A female flight landed smoothly gracefully, a few metres away from Idrienne and her new flight friend. She swept away the dust from her.

Idrienne looked at her and was about to hiss at her rudeness when she saw the bounty hunter badge hanging at the side of her waistband.

The letter summoning all new bounty hunters have not been called yet. Perhaps… is she here for the same reason as her??

The female flight turned around and saw Idrienne. She gave her a small smile.

“I am sorry for the ruckus just now. Let me introduce myself. My name is Kar, a fellow flight from the clan F L I G H T S. Are you perhaps from C A T E L I since you are a bounty hunter yourself?”

Idrienne was taken aback by her calmness and politeness. She proceeded to compose herself.

“What if i am? Why are you here?”

“Did you get a weird letter of summons from the Queen?” Kar asked.

Idrienne was shocked by the question. Finally, someone who was in the same situation as her! Heaving a sigh of relief, she nodded. Thank god she wasn’t the only one.

Kar smiled “Let’s go and meet the queen.”

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Lore V

Generally, crime rates are low. And of course, no matter how peaceful Natura is, they need to have laws, if not it will never be peaceful, right?


Naturally, in a city where many races lived together, racism is absolutely not tolerated in the area. Examples of racism are quite obvious, such as saying things like ‘Omg those scales are disgusting you floppy idiot” to fellow fishes or something like ‘Are your whiskers fake’ to cats or like “Are those wings? Where are your hands” to flights. Those type.

It is made legal for the affected party to sue the other party. The other party may be fined or sentenced to work for other clans for a fixed duration of time.

other laws

Another important rule for bounty hunters is to not abuse their status. Those who do that would have their title stripped and they will be evicted from the city of Natura. It is unknown what happens to them afterwards as no one is allowed to speak of their name ever.

Lore IV


Natura is surrounded by lush greenery. Architecture-wise, they follow the concept of vernacular, meeting their architecture needs by blending into Mother Nature, camouflaging into their surroundings.

Even the heart of Natura is well-covered by the trees in the forest. This is because the civilians there believed in the importance of preservation and the ‘cycle of life’, where the air flowing should be purified through an endless production of O2 and CO2 that causes a circulation of air between the plants and the animals.

from the sky
from the sky


Character Design

In the setting of Natura and its story, we have two main characters whom will meet each other when they encounter similar incidents – Kar and Idrienne. Kar is a flight while Idrienne is a cat.




There is a one in Natura.

  • the queen
    • the queen is a fellow young lady. She makes ultimate decisions for the better of Natura, working closely with the parliament with typical government stuff (lol) such as laws and orders, which goes to the parliament and then to the bounty hunters and civilians.
    • Members of the parliament are picked by the queen herself, and herself. To be selected, one must be significant enough to be noticed by the queen, or nominated by the fellow civilians of Natura. It is still unknown how the entire process works though.

Despite all races being equal, clans for each bounty hunters are still present. Each races have their own respective clans. These clans generally share good relationships with one another.

  1. K N I T E
    • K N I T E consists of bounty hunters from fellow knights. Their population is big, and are the best in carpentry and blacksmithing. The swords they make are one of the best ones in the entire population of Natura, where they raise funds through them through weapon sellers and the castle for the welfare of fellow bounties.
  2.  F L I G H T S
    •  Flight bounty clan. Since their combat skills are not as good, they make up for it by  helping others. Many specialise in and study herbalism, alchemy, making medicines and potions for the well-being of others. They are also good at teaching fellow civilians their arts of herbalism.
  3. C A T E L I
    • Cat bounty clan. They are very much more active at night, where at day they just chill around and sleep. They specialise in night jobs (as explained on lore II), as well as, surprisingly, detecting oddities, despite them being known as fiery.
  4. F I S
    • Fish bounty clan. They specialise in the art of patience, contrary to cats, engaging in activities such as fishing and scouting. They are also great inventors, responsible for designing many things that had created a huge impact on Natura that made it flourish, such as the water skates. They work closely with K N I T E S in this area.
  5. E L F I N S
    • Elf bounty clan. Being expert marksmen, they are perfect for shooting people at far distances with the bow and arrow, or any other long range weapon in this aspect, without the help of magic. Many are also great chefs, creating sauces and dressings with the power of abundant Nature in the forest.

The five clans together form a community band of bounty hunters, where each tribe follows a democratic system and vote for two fellow clansmen from each clan into a head council of bounty hunters every four years. However, the head of the council is hand-picked by the queen herself among the group of bounty hunters from the five clans, whom serve as the prestigious head of manpower at the parliament, thus garnering great respect amongst fellow hunters.




Chapter 1: Introduction

It was a typical day and morning at the city of Natura.

[OOC] Both of you do not live together, so you two are still strangers at first. [/OOC]

Both of you woke up, tired and groggy after a day of hard work at your respective normal jobs yesterday. You switched off the alarm and cursed silently at it.

Both of you had a similar dream in your sleep. Both of you met in this dream, but in the form of silhouettes, so both of you do not know each other. But both of you were doing your jobs… as bounty hunters this time. It is unknown what is happening. Are you chasing… or chased? 

[OOC] Your choices throughout the entire story affect your role in this dream. Both of you can be chasing after someone, both of you could be chased after by someone, or even both of you are on different sides.[/OOC]


“What do you mean!? Why are you doing this!?”

Sadly, both of you woke up right before you know what is going on in the dream. It was a short dream, yet significant. Pondering over the contents of your dream, you carried on with the daily morning ritual – brush teeth, shower, eat breakfast, check mailbox. Very normal stuff.

Both of you were checking your mailboxes. Just then, flipping through the letters that have included morning newspaper, supermarket discount flyers or event flyers, you chanced upon a letter with a logo embossed in it. It was the symbol of the royalty of Natura.

Has your first bounty job finally arrived? Will there be several ‘WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE’ posters somewhere along the content of the letter? Or is this a letter asking for the new bounty hunters to attend a meeting to know the administration details regarding bounty jobs?

Shivering with excitement despite the morning grogginess that you are having, you open up the letter with trembling fingers, opening up to look at the contents.

“please come to the palace immediately. report asap. urgent.”


Shocked by the contents of the letter, you search for other contents or the name of the intended recipient of the letter, but you failed to find the letter. You went back to your room and picked up your weapon, ready to head out and find out the truth.

[OOC] How will you go about finding the truth first? What is your weapon? How do you plan to travel around? [/OOC]

[OOC] sorry ah i know this story abit haha[/OOC]




There are five races in Natura. Pardon my very very bad sense of naming.(These are all for recap.)

  • Races
    1. Knights
    2. Elves
    3. Cats
    4. Flights
    5. Fishes

Anyway, each race has their own advantage and their own disadvantage depending on the environment they are in.



These are the humans in the city of Natura. They have no distinctive traits (duh). However, they have survived till today due to their high intelligence and good instincts. Many of them are easy-going, thus they have the ability get along with the other races quite well. It was also because of that they are considered the leaders of the city of Natura.

Skill: +2 Intelligence in any situation that requires it.
However, a -2 Str and Agil in water or at sky, unless they can find a vehicle of sorts.


[OOC] Pretty much like the elves in normal games [/OOC]. Elves are the hunters in the forest, and are responsible for the fresh stock of meat and vegetables that you need to survive. Many of them become food hunters and marksmen, although some of them, like some of them from other races, become bounty hunters, where one can only become after going through vigorous training and examinations.

+2 Agil +2 Intel in the forest, however -2 Str in water or at sky no matter what.


Professional night-watchers and experts at scaling heights and climbing over walls. Cats are known to be more active at night, thus many watch and guard the city at night from attacks. These cats are also well-trained for combat, and are the main bulk responsible for a peaceful Natura. However though, they are known to be feisty and impatient when not hunting, so respond quickly when you talk to them!

+2 Agil +2 Str at night, however -2 Intel when trying to engage in a conversation


Flights are the experts at the skies. They are very mobile at the skies, being the messengers and deliverymen of Natura, sending letters everywhere at fast speeds.Many are known to be very gentle and caring. However, it is also because of that they are not suited for combat.[OOC] There are a few exceptions of Flights that work in combat jobs [/OOC] They have very, very good agility in the sky and are able to dodge attacks there very easily!!

+3 Agil in sky, however -2 Str in combat


They move the best in water! This is the race that is responsible for the daily fish stock in Natura, which many depend on to survive as a source of nutrition. Fishes are graceful in water and are characterised by their gills at their backs. However, they move much more slowly at land, since they have to switch their way of breathing every time they transit between land and water, unless they have a breathing aid and water skates.

Skill: +2 Str +2 Agil in water, however -3 Agil on land, unless you can manage to get one of those above

[OOC]So players, you can now edit your stats one more time after reading this, Do you want to edit them? :p[/OOC]

Bounty hunters

Bounty hunters can be from any of the five races. To be an official bounty hunter, one must register for a bounty course where each and everyone must go through gruelling training for ten months before taking the test. There is a quota though, so the rates of passing is always at a certain percentage or below annually.

Many people do want to become one despite having only good occasional bounties half of the time. This is because they are respected as people who can defend Natura whenever there is trouble.

Bounty hunter is like a second job while they work on their daily jobs.

You two are new bounty hunters that have just passed your tests, by the way. You guys do not have any jobs yet.

[OOC]So have you caught on?[/OOC]


After reading the races, you might be wondering how do some of these (e.g fishes) move normally? They can still walk but they would walk much more slowly.

And that is why there are some vehicles and items that aid these races (esp. flights and fishes) in travelling. For examples, fishes could purchase or request for a water skate to be made suited to their needs.

Natura is a big city, so walking may be quite a burden for those people whom are carrying heavy things. Trains and hot air balloons are available as a way of daily transport. However, for those whom are not carry as many things, they might choose to walk instead, as the people there take their morning exercise and walks very seriously.



Welcome to the city of Natura! In this city, the fives races (knights, elves, flights, cats and fishes) lived in harmony. I am sorry if the names of the fellow races sucked, but I am actually pretty bad with names. Everyone lived in harmony and the city flourished under the rule of a single fellow young lady. Apart from a few bad situations such as bad weather and occasional natural disaster, the city is free of any chaos as the Queen had maintained peaceful diplomatic relations with everyone.

But will this peacefulness continue? Does this city sound as peaceful as it seems?

Natura is a huge city, with the heart situated in the centre of the forest. People reside amongst the trees and amongst Mother Nature, with houses that were built by themselves. They then go to the heart to work by walking or through the sky to earn a living. However, there were some areas that were off-limits for various reasons (that will be revealed later!)

You are a freelance bounty hunter living in the city of Natura, (attempting) to live by earning through hunting various livestocks as well as the occasional bounties that are being put in place or various part time jobs. Bounty hunters occasionally hunt bandits and thieves that do crimes such as stealing and kidnapping and yada yada. It was pretty normal hunting. You are new to this and thus have not had any jobs as of yet.

However, one fine day, you woke up and as usual, you check your mailbox, just to find a rare letter of summons by the Queen. Wondering if it was sent by mistake, you went to (depending on your methods) search for the truth before heading the the heart of Natura.

You can choose between the five races: knights, elves, flights, cats and fishes. Each race has their own special skill that is independent of your stat allocation. To create a character, you have 8 skill points to allocate to three areas – Strength, Intelligence and Agility. Each special skill will add two bonus points to a certain stat whenever a dice is being rolled. HOWEVER, during certain terrains and environments, certain races also get a disadvantage and a handicap on a certain stat.

You are free to design your own characters for better visualisation! Yasssssss

(I will draw the town asap!)