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Project 1: Hello there Lil’ Humming Bird

Initially, my model was suppose to be a whale. I decided to make a hummingbird instead when I was playing around with a fan blade that I have brought from Thieves’ Market. Somehow, I made the connection between a fan blade and a humming bird. The spinning of a fan blade resembled that of the wings of a humming bird flying, since those creatures are known for their rapid flapping of wings. I had this inspiration to make a movable model, hence I decided to retain the function of a working fan in my work.  Besides, I thought it was a really, really, cool idea!



I actually had to make a second trip back to Thieves’ Market because I recalled seeing these kind of fans being sold, at around the price of $3-5. So I went around looking for a functional one. I brought some kind of circuit board as well and other materials, just in case I couldn’t make the humming bird, I can always back up with my initial whale idea.

I had to snap off the plastic covering since the fan blades were attached to the circular base of it. It was kind of stressful because I was afraid I might snap the wires off by accident, whoops! Since the plan is to retain the function of the moving fan blades.


Turns out the circuit board was of good use as a base support for the fan! (Nope, I didn’t use any tech-ny magic! I’m not an engineer, psh!)  since it’s too heavy for it to stand alone. I have attached the fan onto a screw as a support stand and added along a head as well.


Before attaching everything together, I was trying to figure out if it was possible to attached a body onto the rotating fan, without having the body rotate as well.

Of course, it was kind of impossible, so I decided to leave a gap in between the body and the fans, so as not to obstruct the movements of the rotating fans. And I think it worked out pretty well, as in terms of visualization, as I can see a full figure of a humming bird.

Final Look:



Click here.
(The video isn’t that obvious, but the wings are moving.)