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Final Project: Let there be light!

I had the opportunity to work with Celine on this project and based on our modular construction, we tested them out first under lighting to see how it will turn out to be like. (More can be seen from Celine’s post so do check it out as well!)

Since my modular construction was based off the SEM image of cat fur, it looked something like this:


I like how the colours turned out to be! Especially the pink!

The process of combining both our work was a long one. Only because we had no idea how to do so since our models were almost similar and we like how both our models looked like when there’s lighting so we decided not to change the materials we used.

So combined along with Celine’s (hers was based off butterfly wings), we decided to use hers as a base structure while mine is to be added onto. We had to cut each petal-like piece individually as a template was impossible to be used on corrugated paper. That was the time my hands and fingers felt the pain of true hard work.

img_20161110_170756 img_20161110_170721

Celine managed to turn my layers into ruffles instead and they looked really pretty! So I sewed some ruffles to be added onto. We decided to add some felt petals as well.

img-20161111-wa0003Rough design sketch

img-20161114-wa0009Sewing the ruffles

img-20161114-wa0011 img-20161114-wa0007It looks really prettttty!

The result (more pretty pictures can be seen on Celine’s post!):


Extra pictures (Thank Calista!):


-Cue the opening of Lion King- When your lampshade becomes a peach.


While I was doing the project that involves string, I didn’t really have a fixed concept of what I am doing. So I decided to explore around by bending the paper in different shapes as well as different form of sewing patterns.  In the end, I ended up with 3 different study models. (There were more, but

First Model:


Second model:img_20160922_172356

Third model:img_20160915_170236

I tried incorporating parts of my study models, which I found were interesting, into my initial final piece and I got this:

img_20160915_174001img_20160922_132350 img_20160922_173613

However, it felt too experimental though there were lots of interesting shapes and string patterns! So I decided to try it again once more and created a final piece.

img_20161002_025926 img_20161006_165150 img_20161006_165209 img_20161006_165220