While I was doing the project that involves string, I didn’t really have a fixed concept of what I am doing. So I decided to explore around by bending the paper in different shapes as well as different form of sewing patterns.  In the end, I ended up with 3 different study models. (There were more, but

First Model:


Second model:img_20160922_172356

Third model:img_20160915_170236

I tried incorporating parts of my study models, which I found were interesting, into my initial final piece and I got this:

img_20160915_174001img_20160922_132350 img_20160922_173613

However, it felt too experimental though there were lots of interesting shapes and string patterns! So I decided to try it again once more and created a final piece.

img_20161002_025926 img_20161006_165150 img_20161006_165209 img_20161006_165220

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