Manipulated Found Object: Entry 2


You can find the final product here!

See the first entry of my process here!

Test photo taken with initial material tests.

Material change:

  • Black plastic wide toothed comb (teeth span 3.5 inches)
  • Steak knife: Black plastic handle (3.5 inches), sharper stainless steel blade

Evaluation: The teeth of the comb will be attached to the handle of the knife, thus having a cohesive material – black plastic – will have the work appear more “found” and as if existing in regular life. Achieving this casual “realness” aims to have viewers really consider how grooming and other actions in our daily lives have consequences as a result of wanting to achieve a level of beauty or attractiveness.


  1. Saw off unnecessary parts of comb and measure against knife handle
  2. Mark start and end of indentation on knife handle and file it down
  3. Use black hot glue to attach both components.

Sawing apart a comb to obtain the comb teeth still attached to a bridge for attachment. In filing down bridge of comb to slot into indentation, the teeth ridge split at a weak point.

Watch: Timelapse of me filing down knife handle to fit the strip of comb teeth

Final Outcome:

To grip the “handle” of the comb would result in injury.

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