Gillman Barracks (March 2017)

Class Trip to Gillman Barracks

Going through archives of the works of artist residents from CCA, I was able to see more works from some of my favourite artists. John Clang‘s works of Time and Being Together sing close to home, as they tackle the topics of being away from home and alienation. At CCA, I was able to see more of his works like Fear of Losing the Existence and Erasure. Amanda Heng‘s different works were also documented at CCA, may it be a performance art, photography or an installation.


More works from NTU CCA.


Xue Mu‘s exhibition was refreshing with its modern rendition of remarkable and renowned art pieces of the past, giving these works a more minimalistic look. The artist is interested in exploring the concept of perspectives and how people perceive art in particular.The art piece seen in the photograph above displays Xue Mu’s method of portraying Michelangelo’s David. By displaying it on a curtain, the artist would be able to easily distort the figure, and hence challenge the people’s idea of beauty and perfect proportions especially during Michelangelo’s time. The carpet below features parts of the sculpture when zoomed in, thus displaying an alternative way of viewing David.

I really enjoyed this exhibition and discovering what her works mean, as she uses unique methods to convey her curiosity.

The exhibtion by Timoteus Anggawan Kusno and Tony Albert really peaked my interest. I loves the wooden block and etching styles of their artworks. Also, I enjoyed how Kusno incorporated Aboriginal elements into her work.


Nguan‘s How Loneliness Goes

I began appreciating his works more when I learned that he used a manual camera while taking these photos. With that, it made me realise how we’d really need to be more patient in capturing the subject matter with good composition. Simplicity is evident in most of his photographs, often portraying only one subject matter in each photo. He remained consistent with his colour scheme, but it makes me question if he edits his photos afterwards.

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