DG9005 Presentation 1 – Bel Canto

You and I by Lady Gaga


Name: Katie Koh Ke Tian (U1431157C)

Group: Bel Canto / Friday Class

Self Evaluation: I think there is definitely lots of room for improvement. I can start practicing my pitching and do more vocal exercises in resonance to improve on my singing. Overall, I enjoyed this exercise a lot and I have learnt a lot from my other group members as well 🙂

Author: Katie Koh Ke Tian

Product Designer

9 thoughts on “DG9005 Presentation 1 – Bel Canto”

  1. Hi Katie:)) You have an extremely pleasant and beautiful voice! Your tone quality is very accurate throughout the song. The pitching is very on point too. You managed the rhythm of this song perfectly. I really like how you pronounced the words to the song! It sounded very professional and great. Personally, i feel that its quite tough for asians to articulate some of the english words, and its amazing to see how you did it with ease and grace:) There were also no slips. Also, i like how you interacted camera at times, on top of that, your expression is very apt whilst singing. It brings out the true meaning of the song to the audience. Overall, your performance is excellent and i like it:))

  2. Hi Katie, wow you have a very unique and pleasant voice! I particularly enjoyed how you injected your own style to this popular hit. Your tone quality was very even and accurate throughout the piece. Also, this was a great song choice to showcase your vocals, and you were very sensitive to the style of this chosen piece. Your stage presence was amazing as well, and this is something I hope to pick up going forward. Good job!

  3. Hi Katie! I love you voice and how you articulate your words 🙂 This is definitely not an easy song but you totally nailed it! I really enjoyed your performance and I like the way you smile at the camera and sang this piece with your own style. Good stage presence! Great song pick! Your pitches were in tune and your performance was smooth and I had a pleasant time listening to your performance! Thumbs up Katie!! 🙂 

  4. Hi Katie, your rendition of the song was great! I like how you were immersed in the song and your voice was firm throughout. Your articulation was clear and you were able to apply resonance at various transition points of the song. Good pitch and tone and it was really pleasant to the ears!

  5. Hey there Katie! I like how you added character when you sang, and your tone quality suits this song! Your articulation and rhythm were both on point, but perhaps you can work more on your pitching especially for the higher notes. 🙂 In terms of dynamics, I feel that if you can sing louder for the chorus, it would bring out even more character for the song! Love your stage presence and how you appear so chill throughout your performance. Overall, good job, I enjoyed it! 🙂

  6. Hey Katie, loving those vocals of yours as at certain parts of the piece I can feel a very interesting attitude coming from you vocally which is suitable for this song. Your rhythm, diction and approach to the song is commendable. However, you sounded uncertain and strain when approaching slightly higher notes. It seems like you can try projecting your voice more outwards with a little more support can make it sound more pleasing. Your stage presence, chill vibes and appropriates smiles throughout your performance makes the cover enjoyable! *Applause!*

  7. Hey Katie! This song is one of my personal favourites from Lady Gaga, and while it’s a difficult song to execute well, I thought you definitely did it justice. Your rhythm was accurate and your phrasing and dynamic levels were consistent. Overall, your tone quality is really unique too. One thing that you could improve on is your pitching particularly in the pre-chorus and higher parts of the chorus. That can be better well-supported by  employing some of the breathing techniques that we’ve learnt in class. Overall, a really good job!

  8. Hi Katie, gotta say you have a pretty distinctive English vocal tone with spot on articulation. You were pretty into the song too and I can hear clear dynamics, especially the accents in the middle of the phrases. One area I would like to point out is to not jut the head/chin forward when singing higher notes, something i struggle with as well. I have been experimenting using a different resonating chamber and greater breath support to tackle these issues for myself. Hope this helps !

  9. Hi Katie! Lovely cover of this song! Very original and was very pleasant to hear! This version was so you haha. Your pitching was on point as well! Loved the uniqueness in your style. Keep up the good work! Overall a really nice cover done, all the best in your singing journey Katie! 🙂

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