Assignment 1: Inspiration

Each of these artists has sharp line work in common. It’s a technique I adore and use frequently in my drawing, as well as something I’d like to improve upon this semester.

Kevin Tong

I’m very inspired by Tong’s line work. His Instagram page is especially helpful for me as I learn to use Photoshop because he includes progress photos for almost all of his pieces. To see the full process from pencil, to black ink, to Photoshop is very interesting and educational. I also love his color palettes and his use of layers for screen printing. His works are usually visually dark yet still vibrant, with poignant highlights or bright shapes adding contrast. I will keep these things in mind as I plan out future projects. I want to practice layering colors in a screen printing style more as I use Photoshop on future projects, as well as improving my line work. hawkmoth-fox-the-understand

Jenn // Specimen Illustrations

This artist’s line-work style strikes a chord with me, and is exactly what I’d like to be able to do. It’s very detailed but still very free-form. She focuses specifically on nature and animal subjects, but I’d like extend this style myself onto more modern subjects like machine parts or architecture.

CAS // Crap Panther

I take a lot of inspiration from this artist’s horror content. Once again, her line-work is very sharp, strong, and detailed. I also admire her color palette choices- they are kept simple and are slightly different for each piece, but her entire body of work shares a strong, cohesive palette.

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