Editorial Illustration – Inspiration

Ori Toor

“Cover, editorial, and spot illustrations for Anxy Magazine’s workaholism issue”

(Workaholism, Ori Toor, www.oritoor.com/anxy-magazine-workaholism-issue.)

Ori Toor’s colourful, dreamy and psychedelically illustrations perfectly fit to the ongoing tunnel experience of the depicted topic “workaholism” and the magazine itself.
The magazine writes about the “inner worlds, […] personal struggles [and]the fears that fool us into believing that the rest of the world is normal and we’re not.”
(What we’re doing about it, Anxy, https://anxymag.com)

Davide Bonazzi

Freelance Illustrator from Bologna, Italia.
Representation of political, social and economical issues in narrative illustrations.

(Disposal, Davide Bonazzi, www.davidebonazzi.com/portfolio.html)


Security vs. privacy
(Security vs. privacy, Davide Bonazzi, www.davidebonazzi.com/portfolio.html)


Searching for ET life
(Searching for ET life, Davide Bonazzi, www.davidebonazzi.com/portfolio.html)

Alec Doherty

London Illustrator and label artist for “Partizan Brewing”.

Editorial for the International New York Times about the great Pacific garbage patch.
(Alec Doherty, www.alecdoherty.com)

New York Times article about water contamination at the Rio Olympics.
(Alec Doherty, www.alecdoherty.com)

Alec Doherty explores my chosen subject, “plastic and its relationship to the nature” for this assignment in context to certain events like the olympics in Rio and a research about garbage patches floating in the sea in colourful compositions of pictorially and alienated illustrations.

More inspiring illustrations and images on my topic

(Environmental Impact, Arnaldo Jimenez, www.behance.net/gallery/1743826/Turn-Your-Tap-Campaign)


(Emotional Trashbag Figures, Khalil Chishtee, www.mymodernmet.com/emotional-trash-bag-figures/)


(The Digital Dump, Unknown, www.thisisnthappiness.com/post/1301220477/the-digital-dump-detail)

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