Temasek 3000.

By year 3000, Singapore is expected to have sea level that completely covers any traces of land. This means that our beloved HDBs, skyscrapers in the CBD area and even Marina Bay Sands will cease to exist. Humans have tried their best to adapt and mutate to accommodate to living underwater but after many generations, they simply digressed and could not bear to survive the harsh living conditions.

This doesn’t seem the case for animals. Cats especially, have grown many human features such as long limbs and now have the ability to function as a human. These mutated cats are now the frontiers of the Earth and have created many advances in technology. Singaporean cats especially have come up with new technologies such as the “Flying Cr4cker” and the “St3pping Coins” that allow them to transport and fly conveniently under and above water.

ADM Lobby Vertical Banner Exhibition

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