Task 1B: Exploratory Research – Interviews

The reason why I proposed this question as the first one as I felt that it was a good opener to really gauge and kind of understand who my target audience should be. Females are the predominant survey repliers so I concluded that they are generally more interested in this topic and could relate better to than males.

The second question was to also gauge the specific age group to target so I can create a design that speak to or even attract people of that particular age group. In this case would be young adults from 18 to 29 years old and I felt that something vibrant, illustrative and playful would draw them in.

The third question was to ease them into the topic of unwanted pregnancies before I throw them any jargons without any context so this was kind of like a context provider to the next questions. The results shows that more than half of Singaporean youths barely speak of any topics related to unwanted pregnancies which proves my point further that there is barely any conversations among families and friends in Singapore.

Surprisingly, majority of the respondents are aware of the jargon “pro-choice” considering they do not speak about unwanted pregnancies and topics surrounding it.

I had an open-ended short answer question to roughly gauge what the respondents define the term “pro-choice” as and they are all rather similar to one another.

Similarly with the jargon, pro-life, I also wanted to know if more respondents knew about it and turns out more people do.

Also wanting to know what their definitions are for pro-life, similarly, majority of them responded with similar replies.

I posed this question gather feedback from the respondents on where in the pro-life and pro-choice spectrum does the Singaporean society in general lands on.

The answers neither and pro-life were very close to each other so I concluded that from this question and the open ended ones that older Singaporeans are very much pro-lifers but the younger ones are pro-choice so there is still a large influence on the youth’s actions from the older generation which is why conversations and dialogues about pro-choice and pro-life are not brought up.