Eggo in different settings: Process

Our final project for 2D required us to make four columns, represent  ourselves in the 1st one, the second columns has to be of a situation, and then the third one has to be a depiction of us in the setting, as in our reaction to the particular setting.


We could either do it digitally or manually, as in using paper cuts, collage, painting or mixed media, since I wanted my artwork to be of a very playful, bright and colourful genre, I decided to use collage and paper cut technique!

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t express my emotions too well, so I decided that the best approach to do my project will be to list down a set of emotions and when I feel them!




While I began working on the project, I realized that my some of my ideas were just too obvious and so, with Mimi’s guidance, I decided to change the style a little, and make it comic!


I decided to to let a potato represent myself, because well… I am one. But while going through some of the OSS posts, I realized that someone from the other class had already done the same, so well, I developed the potato into something more comic, and made special efforts to make it look something really childish and playful, and well, it looks like an egg now, so EGGO IN DIFFERENT SETTINGS!



img_20161119_002741_01 img_20161119_002827_01

img_20161119_002822_01  img_20161119_002809_01 img_20161119_002804_01





I also designed out a few more things based on the comic inspirations I found on Pinterest!

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