Project 3: Food for thought

For our final project, we were required to make a film of about 3 minutes, using only six dialogues that we agreed on to, as a group.


We chose very subjective dialogues, which really helped us to make films in different genres.

  •  I have to go.
  •  Do you think this is really alright?
  • What do you mean?
  •  I really have to.
  • You know… Just go ahead.
  • Goodbye.



  • Lydia Lui as Sara
  • Zerline Jade as friend
  • Audrelia Lim as friend
  • Jaime Goh as friend
  • Jessabel Teng as friend


Funny music, instrumental by Blanket Barricade

Food for thought‘ is a thought- provoking comedy film about Sara, who realizes the importance of eating healthy, after suffering from food poisoning. It reflects the lives of most of the people of our generation and their love for fast food, and highlights to us it’s cons. 

Click here to watch the film

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