Project 1 – TYPOGRAPHY

architect letters

HI! Typography for is a very interesting concept. For centuries we have used the standard letters which were passed down from our ancestors and we have accepted it without question. We never questioned why is A always shaped like an “A” We never questioned the ideology and the meaning behind each and every stroke. We accepted their way of thinking, which is unlike us in the current era where every definition, theory and concept has to be debunked and challenged by scholars and even students.

In our project 1, we set out to challenge and debunk the meaning of each letter, and break it down into our own way of thinking. How would an “A” look like if we were to create it? How would a “B” look like if i were to be someone else? It is really a challenging and exciting task which i cannot wait to venture into. Without any delays, let us explore typography as i know it.

Welcome to my universe.

Project 1 TYPOGRAPHY – Hello, my name is Orion and I am an Architect

Architect front


In this first illustration of me, where i tried to pay heavy emphasis on the notion that i am obsessed with the idea of being an architect. Each letter was precisely cut out to match the type of precision that an architect would require during the calculations for each of his projects. Detailed and meticulous, every inch and border on this card was measured, trimmed, and measured again to ensure that there would be no error that could occur by chance, and that everything would give off the sense of intricacy and detail.

In this illustration, i attempted to make it interactive by introducing the black cotton bud top above the domed building of the “white house” to prompt the viewers to pull it and reveal the card’s hidden secrets. The typographic name Orion could be pulled upwards to reveal the hidden layer behind it: a typography Architect written in the same boxed letters as the typography Orion. At the same time, the letters O, R, O and N disappears behind the black front cover, leaving only the letter “I” behind. At the same time, a black “White House” rise into view behind the front covers.

The idea behind is was to show that behind my name, lies to the true me, who is am architect. And hopefully with a trained hand, i am able to rid myself of my cover, and reveal my true self, and become an architect who could perform wonders.

Here are some process shots!

slider clasp

In this shot, i can demonstrate the mechanism behind the sliding cover. The sliding mechanism is made by cutting a slit on the holders which hold the sliding portion in place. At the same time, the sliding cover has its corresponding lengths along it slides slit as well to match those on the holders to that they could in inserted there to slide the sliding portion up and down smoothly.

slider view

Here is another shot to demonstrate the sliding mechanism.

architect without cover

And this is a full view of the sliding cover!

Overall, i worked for a long time on the sliding mechanism. I tried various methods which did not at first.

sliding mechanism

This sliding mechanism is not only bulky, but also clumsy in appearance. It made the card thick and formidable-looking, which made it unfriendly to look at.

In conclusion, I liked this piece of work slightly more than the rest simply because of the thought process that went behind. The usage of an actual moving mechanism behind this piece of work prompted me to think of ways of introducing this mechanism into the card itself. A lot of creativity is invested here and i certainly enjoyed the challenge behind making this card.

Project 1 TYPOGRAPHY – Hello, my name is Orion and I love to travel

travels 2

In this card i wanted to display my idea of travel. Which comprises mainly of sight-seeing and extreme sports. I love all aspects of Earth. Its topography, the land, air and sea. I love exploring, and that feeling which made my heart race whenever i chance upon a breath-taking view. And i try to introduce all areas of this aspect into the card.

The hot-air balloon, the sea and the archway are representative of a tourist’s perception of a new place. They want to experience something that is different. Something that is exhilarating. These are all very sensual to me and i feel the need to include them in my work.

travels lamp post

This is not a lamppost. This to me marks the start of a new adventure, a new beginning. The lamppost made its first significant impact on me in Narnia The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. When Lucy first entered into Narnia by accident, the first significant landmark she chanced upon was the lamppost. It marks the transition from reality to fiction, from the logical and boring world of ours into a realm of the unknown, where animals could talk and everything as you know it is completely different, where every action you make could determine your fate. I like this sense of adventure, of uncertainty. This is illustrated by the “N” hanging off the cliff at the end.

half completed travels

My rationale for having the letters arranged in a diagonal format was the introduction of the idea of traveling “across” the world. To explore the world and see it through my own eyes, without the limitations of borders.

Project 1 TYPOGRAPHY – Hello, my name is Orion and I love to read

orion loves to read

In this card, i cut out the letters “R, E, A and D” from my name “ORION”

Initially, i did plan on using the light to help cast a shadow from these letters that are cut out to create a more surrealistic feel, but felt that it may appear to be messy, so i went along with the plan of clipping “READ” back on the same plane as my name.

The concept behind this idea was to show that reading bring “more” out of me. By having the letters “READ” cut out from my name “ORION”, it was like as if Reading came from me. I was able to better express myself in a different form through reading. Able to see myself from a different light. There was more to me than just my name. I can explore myself further through reading, and i am able to find out things about me that i did not know previously, and it helps to add on to my overall character as person. I can become more through reading.

Th background which i have used here are just simple columns of bookcases. To me, seeing rows of books on bookcase is like finding trays and trays of food for others; i could not wait to jump into their midst and dig in.

Project 1 TYPOGRAPHY – Hello, my name is Orion and I’m different

im diff top

im diff

One of the most common problems in the first world society that we live in is the rapid disappearance of human interaction. With our advanced technologies we have reduced interactions with people, and our subsequent judgement of them is based entirely on our first impression of them, without taking the time out to learn more about them simply because we do not have the extra time to spare.

In my card, i tried to illustrate that idea. The idea of judging people based on their first impressions of them. And this has everything to do with perception, or our point of views. In my card, when viewed from above, one could only make out the numeric letters “011011”, which are not letters. In a second perspective, which is my front, one can only see half of my name “ORION”, which leaves them confused as to what my name really is. Only when you have looked at my card from a 45 degree angle tilted downwards could you make out my real name “ORION”.

In this, i hope to remind people that we should be see someone from only one perspective. There are many ways to look at someone, but we should get to know them first, before looking at someone in a particular way.


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