Last week we took a tour to Harvey Norman and got to explore the store’s vast varieties of designer goods.

Our primary focus was on household wares and we were told to pay extra attention to those, and to identify their emotions, as well as their interesting factors.

The products I have chosen to compare are hairdryers, as well as the coffee making machines.



In the pictures above, both hairdryers emanates the idea of high style and fashion with their slack gloss finishing to appeal to the wider audience.


For the black hairdryer, one would tend to feel a standard higher than the average person as he or she is using a hairdryer which defies the original hairdryer. It sets the person apart as being someone special. Someone superior, or of better taste.

Whilst for the red hairdryer, it tends to follow the normal trend, however, it boasts a flashy appearance, and very curvaceous design which might be appealing to some. It is also slightly harder to hold onto due to a greater weight distribution at the head.


Interesting factor:

The black hairdryer is setting a new trend for hairdryers, with its iconic look, and eliminating the long nose which is typical of a hairdryer. This design is more compact, and has a nicer distribution of weight, making it easier to hold.

The red hairdryer is designed with functionality in mind. The opening between the red and black portion is a water spray, which helps to wet the hair while drying, allowing for stylizing during the process.


Coffee Makers

In this case, we are comparing two coffee making machines. Both are of the same colour, but differs vastly in terms of design.



The first coffee maker machine adopts the shape of a penguin. With its iconic bobbing head atop a round body. The animal is a clear inspiration for its design.

The second coffee maker machine did not boast of a nice appearance, but may have adopted functionality as its main trait, with a handle over-arching its body, this makes it easier to carry.


Interesting factor:

The first coffee maker machine has an interesting which captivates the attention of the potential purchaser, with an unique way of operating. Its cute appearance tend to increase a buyer’s affection towards it. Fun loving people tends to go for this design.

The second coffee maker machine looks like an industrial grade coffee maker found in offices, where the environment tends to be more professional. Its stern design boasts of functionality, and sacrifices appearance for being able to do more work, or being more easily operable..