Case Studies: Zul & CCA

The visit it to CCA is an exciting one. Not only are we able to see the exhibits by Joan Jonas, we also learnt how art infrastructure and organisations are maintained in Singapore.

Joan Jonas’s exhibition was out of a world experience as it makes audience relieve ignorance, oblivion and naivety. Her works shows the interactions of children and their perspective on nature and the environment.

In the presentation and Q&A from CCA, I’ve realized that Singapore has numerous funds and subsidy schemes for emerging art galleries and the art scene itself.  Also, Syaheedah took us through on what a curator do and what it takes to manage or contact artists. They also shared with us the future of CCA which has a lot of positive outlooks.  CCA has come a long way to become an independent gallery featuring a lot of contemporary art in South East Asia. To see how they plan and organize their activities in action make me understand the behind the scenes of art events and gallery set-up.

After our visit to CCA, we met up with Zul and took at look at his workplace. I think the artist in residence was a very nice initiative for the Arts Council in Singapore to set up to bolster budding artists. Zul’s works are inclusive of many contraptions made from daily cooking utensils to playful tokens like balloons. Using a program he created,  these contraptions will make sound triggered by solenoids. I am very surprised that a primary school device like a solenoid is implemented in the arts. As solenoids are mainly used in electrical plants or mechanical repair plants, They are often huge in size and used for produce large amount of force. To see solenoid to be used on this level was something new to me.

Zul also talked about how he moved his artwork from place to place. From the way, he explained his workflow, I can see he is a very organized individual that make sure his work are done in time so that there are little errors during implementation. His passion in his work drove him to work on side projects over long periods of time despite his current commitments.

All in all, the trip to CCA and Zul’s workplace was a fruitful one, it is clear to me how artists and galleries plan their activities while constantly maintaining their budget and outreach so to stay relevant.

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