Assignment 3 – Phase 2 ( The Narrowing Down of Narrowing down)

Here’s the 2 projects that I have settled on:

  1. Solo Project


Braces is a crowd funding social project where I can document my trial and errors to make a set of braces myself. Then I will show the world how they can make their own as well. This project will take a span of 1 year and it has to take place before I graduate from ADM.

2. Group Pitch


This is an Hack and Slash Game for my FYP (Together with Faye and Jazlyn). Players get to an wonderous yet dangerous enovironment within a school boys mind. This project is broken into 2 parts. One for the FYP (which consist of only a demo) and the other is the full game. The formal will take around 8 months to a year while the latter will take around 2 to 3 years.

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