Ideation for FYP

Last week I shared my turning points and discussed the turning points of my classmates Anam and Joan. I found that verbalising our experiences gave me a slightly better idea of what direction I am headed towards.

The turning points that I have are my trips back to the Philippines to visit my relatives. Always inspired by how people innovate around their situations and poverty. For instance, people there find any means possible to make a living. They sell food by the streets, set up canteens behind their backyard or provision shops like the ones below. If things were done in Singapore where shops would need a license to operate, these sari-sari stores would find another way around their problem (through illegal/ legal means) and still make a living.


One of the works at Gillman Barracks of a Sari sari store

My recent trip to the Philippines where I had a new appreciation of these little spaces.


I am also inspired by people with certain medical conditions. I have been observing my mother’s pilates classes and there are a lot of people with certain conditions but their attitudes toward their limitations bring about different outcomes. Eg, 2 sisters attending my mom’s classes with osteoporosis whom I have observed a significant improvement in strength and mobility. On the other hand, another woman in the class after, who has the same condition and said her doctor did not allow her to do flexion movements, restricted herself from even trying out certain movements and her condition did not improve as much as the sisters’.

BROAD IDEA: Interrogating one’s limits is one’s justification.



Can be bodily-centric interactions

Spaces that encourage people to challenge what they are told they cannot do. Could be an obstacle type of space. A space where absolute words like Cannot, Never etc. do not hold much weight. The space rewards participants who challenge what they are told to do. Scenarios where when you do the opposite, something interesting happens?

Research on Neuroplasticity?


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