Telematic Stroll: Natural Wonder vs.Urban Jungle

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Singapore started out as a tiny fishing village, mostly covered in swamps and unknown to most of the world. Today, Singapore is still tiny, perhaps slightly bigger because of land reclamation but it has grown to be a global city, topping the world in terms of online presence¬†which measures the city’s information exchange and access to the internet and media. Our telematic stroll shows just how interconnected our lives can be and we invite participants to explore the synchronicities of the differences in the landscape of Singapore.




Dina @ Pasir Ris Park Swamps and Beach

Tiffany @ Raffles Singapore River


On Saturday evening Dina and I…

Went for a stroll to watch the night sky…

With her feet on the grass and mine on concrete,

Our paths on the third space were destined to meet…

People from town unknowingly walking into NARNIA

Merging Skylines of the city and the beach

Alas it started to drizzle in town and we sought shelter and a place to rest our weary legs

Sitting on a log and concrete seats of a bus stop

I heart SG

Perhaps we did not manage to see the sunset in the most ideal sense but we managed to capture similar lights at the horizon of the sky

And once again, cars driving past the ERP to NARNIA…

Of course, not forgetting our audience participation and comments…


Done by Dina and Tiffany

Natural Wonder v.s. Concrete JungleA telematic stroll between myself (at Pasir Ris Park in the East) and Tiffany Anne (at Raffles Place, in the Central).

Posted by Dina Anuar on Saturday, 4 November 2017

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