Rose Bond: Poetic Resonance and Public Projection

My takeaways from Rose Bond’s presentation:

Poetic Resonance and Public Projection


“Sometimes less is more. The art is in what you must leave out”

Rose Bond’s earlier animations were inspired by Norman Mclaren, a motion picture artist who pioneered the technique of drawing on old film. This technique allows direct personal control over every stage of the film’s production. I thought that Norman’s experimental approach was really genius so I looked up some of his works.

Norman Mclaren, a motion picture artist technique of drawing on old film.

I came across this video of his creation of sound on film that matched with the screen actions of his own animations.

Working with Projectors to fill up the presence of historical building.

Illumination #1

The context and narrative of her work was very clear, a mark of a good public art space. She made use of dates and rolling text to show a clear chronological timeline of the evolution of the space. Her later projects worked with multiple screens where projectors were placed in the interior of the building with the projected animations showing on windows to the public outside. The rich visuals on the building’s changing cultural landscape made the presentation of historic events more engaging and relatable. For instance, moving silhouettes of people, Jewish, Chinese etc. going about their daily routine provides just enough representational information and invites viewers to talk about the narrative by the street.

There is something poetic about the mixed sounds from the speakers of the installation and the street sounds that would probably have made for a unique experience for the public at that time.

Points for reflection:

  1. Think about how projection and working with screens in a fresh way can accomplish artistic and creative goals.
  2. Think consciously about what you leave out as much as you think about what to include in works.
  3. Know your audience, your viewers and consider their experience of the works.

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