2D Dingbats for assignment 2


Sorry for the late update. Wasn’t sure if there was a deadline for this since the dingbats were online already so i wasn’t sure what this post on OSS was exactly for. But after reading everyones posts, i decided I’ll share a little extra about my project here given the opportunity!

lamb heaedmarymary edit

Introducing the lamb and Mary.

I changed quite a number of my dingbats from where I initially started. However I somehow couldn’t bring myself to change the first two dingbats of the lamb’s bleating head and the dancing Mary. I found myself somehow attached to the annoying head image because it was so stupid and ridiculous and I couldn’t get it out of my head anymore. And I liked how the image of Mary dancing gave a kind of expression of Mary wandering somewhere into her world of adventure. The kind of chemistry that these two dingbats formed gave colour to my ideas of the compositions that followed as you’ll see how Mary is wandering off somewhere and the lamb follows (except of course for the last composition).


merlionScreen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.11.28 pm

I definitely had a lot of fun doing this assignment. Not sure if you guys noticed, but there were small little details in the first composition. Had small little impulses in putting the statues in places for fun like putting the Merlion in the castle…

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.11.15 pm 

…or putting this Jesus statue dingbat beside Mary because Jesus wants to hug Mary, and now thinking about it…Mary was Jesus’s mother. so. yeap. Also how i put those Easter Island head statues peeping over the Singapore CBD buildings. Or how JunYuan’s dingbat of Michelangelo’s David statue is checking Mary out. And I liked how it was entirely okay that i could do all these kinds of impulses for this assignment since it was on ridiculousness. Fun nonsense.

Statue_of_LibertysphinxstomachastroidsOverall, I enjoyed the process of getting these dingbats because it was so light and funny. It was as if I was illustrating to myself the travel into different places, or into space and time and then into Mary’s appetite.

When I will give myself enough allowance to do such a nonsensical, fun work again, I will definitely do it without thinking thrice. 😀

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