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As Ruyi requested. Here are mu exhibitions reviews. I am going to review two exhibitions, and both the exhibitions were exhibited at the Art Science Museum of Singapore. First up is the current and most recent exhibition, THE UNIVERSE AND ART. I went to this exhibition base on my interest in space and anything related to the universe. The whole exhibition was very interesting as we began by being introduced to the history of universe. I got to see artworks from the ancient China astronomers, and many Indian hinduism artworks about the creation of the universe. I even got to see Sir Isaac Newton’s book about gravity (which was super awesome). Then the exhibition leads me to the current universe. There were many artistic ways different artists depicts their idea of the universe. But this one has to be my favourite:

Slow Arc Inside a Cube VIII

Conrad Showcross / 2017

Power coated steel, aluminium, light, mechanical system

Edition of 3 + 2 APs

Commissioned by ArtScience Museum

I really like this installation! The shadow created on the 6 walls were amazing. I did not know what I was walking into but before I enter the room I was already introduced by the shadows created on the walls. The shadows move really slowly and in the center, there is the structure with the light inside. I really like how small the structure is but the effect it creates is super big and successful. The artist was trying to represent gravitational energy through light, shadow and her structure and I think she did an amazing job. Unlike a lot of the installations we see, this installation work with mostly shadow and lights and this is what I really like about it!


For the second installation that I really like comes from the Future World Exhibition at the ArtScience Museum of Singapore as well. For this exhibition, I went with the class during the recess week, and the first thing I felt when I enter this exhibition was excitement! I heard, I saw, I felt things, and I kept looking at so many things because there were so many things happening at the same time. I didn’t know what was going on at first until I slowly look at each installations one by one. But the one that I really like is:


The balls! Haha! I really like the sizes, the colors, and the sounds they make. I am very sure this installation is directed to mainly children but when adults come across this installation, it will bring out the child-like way of behaving in them. Because the first instinct I got was to kick the ball. The second I look away and look back at the exhibition, I saw Mark and Nevin in the pool of balls throwing the balls at each other. The lights also kept changing when the balls move and I like that. I shows that the balls were not just a lit up ball but it also change the colors!


Overall, these installations help with the final project because it helped us think about how to use spaces, and how to properly light up the things we want the audience to see and things we don’t want them to see. I had a great time at all these exhibitions!

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