SAVE THE CATS OF YISHUN! please… (Part 5)

Finally I just got it printed. I am very excited and happy with my results for this riso printing. I am very proud of my progress too! From the beginning till the final outcome, I think I defiantly came a very long way and I pushed myself to the the best of my ability. In the beginning, I was feeling very self-concious of my projects because it was so different from the other people in class. The other people were doing “Less is more” and for me “More is more” (more is better haha). So I have to pulled back a lot for this project. But nevertheless, I am very proud of my outcome, I put in a lot of efforts and it paid off! Here is the final RISO-printed zine:

Like I said from the beginning, the first time I saw riso, I just fell in love with the brightness of the colors and how “uncertain” the outcomes will be. The process is very enriching. I have learn a new set of skill. I could have just took photographs, draw on them, or even lay them out nicely but I did a new kind of printing method and I love it very much! Over all I really enjoy doing this project and I hope I can continue to do more riso projects because I really enjoy the colors and how they look like in the end!


Thank you very much Mimi for another semester of teaching me and building me through this wonderful journey of typography and risoprinting, I had a great time!

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