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ProjectIGNITE   INSTINCTS: The fact or quality of possessing innate behaviour patterns. On the contrary, instincts can be performed by individuals who have never learned how to perform them, nor experienced the same set of stimuli before in their lives.  What my project aims to discover is the fact that instincts are all present in us without us knowing about it.… Read more →

ZINE- Infographics [PROCESS]

INFOGRAPHICS My infographics is made in a ‘draw-my-life’ style as I would like to feature my zine using this style to introduce my project with something more illustrative as that’s the medium that I’m going to use for my zine.   MY ZINE Area: BISHAN Focused area: Bishan-AMK park Topic: Bishan 5   Bishan 5 is a well-known name given… Read more →

Que Sera Project Development II [Final 4 Process]

From all the jobs I thought of, I narrowed down my jobs to the 4 jobs that I wanted to concentrate on and started to build on them with different versions – mainly V1.0 and V2.0.   PHOTOGRAPHER V 1.0   INITIAL PHASE I wanted to mimic this Dark Room effect that gave the atmosphere of a Dark Room so that… Read more →

Que Sera Project Development I [Process Concept/Ideas]

Upon hearing the brief, I was excited to do this project so I started to sketch down some possible designs that I could execute for consultation the following week. I started with a few jobs that popped in my mind : Architect Cobbler Chemist Sniper Athlete Farmer Photographer Botanist Those in bold are in my Process: Final 4 post! Check it… Read more →

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