2D – Forest Gump Process

Because, believing in everything at once is the same thing as believing in nothing.

                                                                                                                                      -Life of PI

Pi’s mother raises him as a Hindu.But he start to believe in many other religion when he is teenage.Then his father tells him:”Because, believing in everything at once is the same thing as believing in nothing.” I think his his father is correct.

My first design:

I used various religion symbols to compose the ” ” ,which means null set in math. But it is too literal. And it doesn’t have enough connection to the movie itself.

Pi ‘s ship is destroyed by the storm. He wants to survive from the disaster, he must have a very strong will. But at that stage, no god show up to protect him. However only the tiger accompany with him until he survived. As we know,the tiger is actually the spirit of himself. The tiger represent the wild aspect of him.

My second version :

All the god statue are drowning in the sea. I use a tiger head and human body to represent Pi.But I ‘m still not satisfied with this version. Because of the background doesn’t make sense.

My Third and Final version:

Personally, I quite like this version. Because every element appeared in the composition makes sense. The drowning gods. I design Pi as half tiger and half human. That means the wild side is always a part if human,no one can take away it,yet Pi can control and accept the it. As for the background ,I change is to a galaxy image. The reason is that there is a scene in the movie, (as shown below). It is at that moment,Pi understand the meaning of tiger. And he farewell to the past.

Image result for life of pi star sky scene

Image result for life of pi star sky scene


A Farewell Letter to My Friend

Art Science Museum Visit

  1. Lorenz Potthast – Decelerator Helmet
Area V5
Lorenz Potthast – Decelerator Helmet

The deceleration helmet will provide wearer a view of the world in slow motion. An external camera will capture the video and  images of the environment will be slow down to on the screen inside the camera. The wearer can set the lapse of time to three mode by a remote control. The helmet looks like a metal bubble with a reflective surface.

After watching the demo video, actually I think it is a performance art that appeal the public to take care of the disabilities who can  not move fast or has vision problem.

After I read the description on the label, I found this helmet  can let the wearer to perceive a slow motion world and feel the flow of time. The artist aim to probe whether we can be detached from the universal perception of time . The artist may not be the person solves a problem but the person who raise a question. Time is the  thing can that  human can not control. This artwork provide us a way  to “live” in the past and experience how time flies away.




2.  Addie Wagenknecht – Optimization of Parenting. Part 2

Addie Wagenknecht – Optimization of Parenting. Part 2

This artwork is comprised by a mechanical arm and a bassinet. The robot arm will rock the bassinet automatically when the baby cries or wakes up.

When I first looked at the project I think it is designed for the family who has new born baby. And it aim to reduce the pressure of looking after the little baby for the parents especially the mother.From the artwork description ,I have a further understanding. And it is related to my initial impression. After the artist becoming a mother she start to think whether the advanced robot can take over some parenting work for the mother since a lot of technologies have been used in the domestic tasks.

My line is Emo – Final

I want to use the various line, shape and pattern to express my feeling  during traveling.

My Final work :

The sequence is :Joy,Love,Fear,Sadness, Surprise and Anger.

Joy  – Jubilant : Every time I start my trip I will be very happy. And when I am cheerful, I might jump, wave my hand, having more action than usual. I think the smooth curves can show out the energetic and cheerful feeling. And I use spring bounce around the curves just like bubbles floating around  which can enhance the cheerful phenomenon .

Love : No matter who I travel with, my family or my friends, we will get closer then any other time. That means we may get closer to their shortcomings as well.  Each  circle represent an individual and they are not perfect having some spot on them. But what make us continue this journey is love. Love is tolerance . Because of love we accept weakness of each other and support each other. Love bond us together so that we can overcome the difficulties in trip. In the same time,  we discover and enjoy  the world together. So there are curves that link each circles.

Fear – Insecure: In the journey there are countless uncertainty. Going to a place that I have never been to will make me feel nervous and insecure. I afraid I ‘ll lost my way, I afraid I will lost my wallet, I afraid I will miss the plane… My fear for the uncertainty is instinctive. When I staring at a vertex, that makes me feel dizzy and confused. It seems I am going to fall into that swirl. So I chose use swirl to represent the insecurity.

Sadness – Sorrow: At the end of the trip I usually feel I don’t want to leave the place. Because I have a lot of  happy memory with my family or my friends around there. But this sorrow is not caused by any misfortune.It is soft. I think Chinese is the best media to express the sentimental feeling. When the ink blooming on the paper, it is like the sentiment haunt me .

Surprise : I will do some research on the destination where I am about to go. I will probably know how it looks like. Although I know I will be still surprised and amazed by the splendid view. That is the significance of traveling. All the information I gain online is fragment before I reaching the destination. I still remember the feeling when I first saw sun rise in Ali Mountain. I saw picture of it before and I also imagine many times on my own. But none of them can compare to the scene I saw. I create a number of irregular shape around the circle in the center to represent the fragments. All of them forming the entirety is a great surprise of my journey.

Anger :  To me,  the anger during the trip is more like a “cold war” between the my companion and me( It usually happens between my mother and mesurprised).  As I have mentioned that we get to know more about the shortcomings of others. I maybe compromise for the first several times. But the the anger is accumulating in my heart even I don’t realize it. The black is the anger and they are assembling.  And finally it will explode.





My Line is Emo – Process & Research

In the first class session I practiced the mark making skills that our teacher demoed to us.

There  are three ways to do mark making with the lino.

First way, paste the ink equally to the lino( don’t be too thick),then put the news print paper on top, after that use tooth pick or pen draw the pattern the the  paper.

The second way is similar to the first one. The difference is I draw on the lino first which already pasted ink. Then put the paper on the lino to get the pattern.

The third way is to carve the lino first then paste the ink ,lastly put the paper on top to capture the pattern.

we can get a different effect from these three methods.

In order to achieve more various patterns I also looked into other mark making skills. Personally, I quite like ink wash painting . I like the way Chinese ink spread out on the paper that gives me a sentimental feeling. I have looked for some reference about the ink wash painting.

There are some other practice :

I found that sponge is a very useful tool to me. With it I am able to create vortex, dots and control the thickness to make more possibilities.