no staple 8 page mini zine

we had to choose what kind of zine we wanted to produce. a saddlestitch zine consisted of just 8 pages. a no staple 8 page mini zine allowed us to add another page at the back and only required folding






inner front cover


1st&2nd page


1st&2nd page


2nd&3rd page


2nd&3rd page


4th&5th page


4th&5th page


back content (A2 size)





theme: the changes in singapore

title: +65 (singapore’s country code)

colours used: monochromatic colours and 3 pantone colours (below)

colours used

by taking away the attention from the previously coloured images, the focus now goes to the three vibrant colours in the zine. these colours are lively and easy on the eyes

concept: to showcase slant/diagonal images, for consistency, accompanied with poems/reflections/thoughts/feelings regarding this issue. of how everything is changing and whether we will even notice when they are gone

there is a reason to why the images, the texts and the colours were placed in their current position. the bold colours, together with the image is an extension of the diagonal line of the main subject, such as the train track

the 8 images at the back page further adds on to the meaning of the first page, and are arranged in such a way that they connect to the next image

getting there

there were so many ideas and directions this zine could go to?!

the possibilities were endless. however, what’s important was the concept, the images used, the layout, the colour(s) used, font, font size, placement, texts and everything else related. it was so easy to get lost in our own thoughts.

here are some layout possibilities.


this first idea (above) revolved around 1 main concept, also known as the how-to. it was about ‘how to keep yourself sane’ (while in university) and the spread was supposed to be tips on the topic.

5 6 7 8

these were mainly on the layout process where the images were filled up either half of the spread or part of it.


other title considerations.

9 10 11

however, i was quite grounded on what colours i foresee my zine to be. i wanted to make use of monochromatic coloured images and a few other colours.


the title itself took quite some time to finalise!

title title2 title3Y

point of view

subject matter: newspaper

from the pov of a


1. painter

2. karang guni man

3. gadget geek

4. vase

5. housewife

6. homeless person


  1. painter

painter process

painter process 02

painter process 03

a newspaper, from the pov of a painter is to protect the floor

protection = condom (play of words)

to mix condom wrappers amongst the newspaper and to have a plain floor

to add paint splatter (textures) on the end product, with paint bucket and paintbrush.

colour theme: orang neon bg (bright and outstanding), blue paint, monotonous subject, black pen on tracing paper (hang)

composition style: more than 2/3 filled


2. karang guni man

a pov of a newspaper from a karang guni man is a source of income

individual newspaper cutouts of ($amount) were collected and shaped to form stacked newspapers

a drawing of a karang guni man (clothing) was added, together with the trolley

colour theme: neon bg (bright and outstanding), coloured newspaper print, black pen on tracing paper

composition style: triangular, more to central

karang guni IMG_20160311_1324201

IMG_483401 IMG_483601

source of income2source of incomesource of income4source of income3  trolley12980689_10154007398807492_334148033_o54

3. gadget geek

a newspaper from the pov of a gadget geek is a device

an ipad was manipulated to form a newspaper, being read by a man

a drawing of a man was added

colour theme: neon bg (bright and outstanding), monotonous subjects, black pen on tracing paper

composition style: central


newspaper ipad 01gadget geek process2gadget geek process4

newspaper ipad12952791_10154007399067492_1562087852_o1110912970162_10154007399137492_1429670680_o

4. vase

a pov of a newspaper from a vase is a wrapper

gold was used on a white and blue ceramic vase

12952909_10154007398827492_1830337696_o 12962413_10154007399232492_1007567308_o14

pottery seller

colour theme: plain bg, blue detailings, gold wrapper

composition style: central

5. housewife

a newspaper from the pov of a housewife is a glass cleaner

a background image, a window template, a plastic sheet, a drawing of a hand drawn on tracing paper and glue stains (to show dirt on plastic) were used



colour theme: yellow neon bg, colored background

composition style: central

6. homeless man

a pov of a newspaper from a homeless man is a bed




colour theme: pink neon bg, newspaper strips, drawing on tracing paper

composition style: diagonally central


in conclusion,

the style of using a bright background and flat images was my idea initially.

however, as time progresses, some colours were use. the composition style was also being varied.

12959522_10154007399297492_656057719_o 12962396_10154007398347492_646819449_o 12970590_10154007398767492_1497300482_o

my name is munn and i’m done

4 weeks to complete F2D’s first assignment and here’s the results

001 i love my childhood snacks




IMG_4744 IMG_4743 IMG_4742 IMG_4741 IMG_4740 IMG_4739

the process of choosing the snacks brings me back to my childhood days where things were so much more laidback and easy.. (reference websites 00A 00B)

documenting the composition, then came consultation where the feedback was to inculcate my name as part of the composition itself. the alphabet biscuit just was not enough. so i decided to photoshop the main colours of the snacks and illustrate them and at the same time, removing the snack name just because the nostalgia still lurks at the back of our heads. and thus the process of overlapping began. stacking the layers of paper on top one another to create a fun pop up look.

002 i am a photographer for pre engagement shots

to show i’m behind the camera and the idea of being behind the screen to review the photos. name is formed using the couple’s poses, without the distraction of the background

a layer of tracing paper with the name outline to make it more apparent was also added











003 i am a risk taking explorer

exploring singapore/local explorer were some other similar attributes i had initially thought of but it’s only apt to add the work risk taking in front of ‘explorer’ due to the fact that local housing (HDBs) are people (or neighbourhood)’s territory, it does not belong to people who are not related or does not stay there. i have had an interest of photographing HDBs since a while back and to go to these type of places, it comes with many unwanted attention or suspicion from the people coming from the block. to place my name along the corridor itself makes me a little worried. for this project, the shadows of the text had been left behind while the real name had been removed. the block is showcased in layers too.


IMG_4738 IMG_4737


004 i am a sentimental memory holder

inspired by neat filings, case files and school files where we had to organise our worksheets according to a certain subject, this last idea derived from working files and how random memories are held close to us. the things we have done in our lives and the tickets we keep, the things we write down in our schedule book once upon a time and the people who makes us happy. this was about that









overall it was a fun and exciting project that requires us to go deep beyond the things that we like and enjoy. it was a project for us to observe more and be creative.

hello, it’s me

001 typography


keyboard command – alt tab means to ‘switch between open programs’ and that does not necessarily mean having a short attention span but excited to continue/do other activities while doing the current one, multitasking/juggling several projects at one time

002 abstract


have you heard the saying “we carry a baggage everywhere we go”, meaning emotional baggage. what’s in yours? i see mine as a dark environment/vibes and having a bag/suitcase of positivity with me, having colourful glitter.

003 conceptual


a camera viewfinder. with transparency and the settings/icons have been adjusted. (no flash – not seeking exposure or glamour/ auto mode – initiative/ 9.4 as the year i was born in/being a night person/not so full battery)

here are some shots from a lower angle






thank you and goodbye 🙂


hello, i am



and here’s what i came up with

i believe i am a visual person and i’ve listed down objects and visions, accompanied with some characteristics of myself (brought forward from f2d sem 1’s assignment called Ego) on the mindmap above

001 typography:

basically making use of fonts, language, kerning and angles



an eg. using an open bracket (

to represent myself

( is an icon for a moon, which has a similar pronunciation as my name and the meaning behind an open bracket tells us its endless possibilities.

002 abstract:

not representing external reality, non-representational, non-realistic



an eg. using coloured confetti as a representation of celebration. as a freelance photographer, i enjoy bringing party poppers/confetti to shoots for photos.


003 conceptual: 

relating to or based on mental concepts



using objects, neatly arranged and taken/draw from plan view to represent things that interest me/i enjoy doing/is close to home (eg. the last one is of shoes, camera, a globe, keys, notebook and a pen)

妈 (MA)



Ang Kwee Hui as AH MA
Denise Lum as DAUGHTER

Ben Sound – “Betterdays”
Ben Sound – “Tomorrow”

Ang Su Kim Marianne
Joyce Cheung
Lew Min Hui
Munn Iskandar
Teo Hui Zhen Madeline

cover vimeo (click on image for the video on vimeo)

1 (2) 2 (2) 3 (2) 4-01 (2) 4-02 (2) 4-03 (2) 5 (2) 6 (2)

Plot: a mother suffers from dementia and imagines she’s the one who is actually going through the daily routine of going to the market and cooking for her child. she’s the one idling away and living in the past

Characters: Ah ma, Daughter (who’s portrayed as her daughter), Offline character (‘working daughter’)

Confusing element: wants audience to think that the caller is her daughter as the response is relatable (actual child as her maid instead by capturing her doing housework), mixture of hand (between daughter and ah ma herself) in preparing the meal, market scene does not show the character fully (zoomed in clips)

Elements of our film: digetic sound (chopping, water flowing etc), non-digetic sound (background music). speed of music in the beginning is melancholy and during the revelation, the screen was silent was a while, continued with a faster speed

Why this concept was chosen? Our group wanted to head in a direction of something different, simple yet relatable and closer to home. Even the language was in Chinese. Location was at a typical HDB and a supermarket.


hands down the most enjoyable assignment and presentation.

to go so deep into evaluating and analyzing who we are as a character and a human being was a refreshing and a questionable decision. am i as patient as i think i am? what do people think about me? is my traits based on people’s judgement or based on my beliefs of who i am as a person?

to come up with 12 missing spots for the equation for Ego was challenging yet intriguing.

here’s what i believe are my traits.



determined + curious = adventurous

a better me

energetic – chaos = patience

an ideal me

inspiring x freedom = openness

me in 5 years

passionate + knowledgeable = distinct


previously, the colours that were narrowed down according to analogous, complementary, split complementary and monochromatic were

analogous split complementary


from all these points,

the colours were narrowed down to the ones below due to the meaning it brings across when paired with the traits.

IMG_9828-2 IMG_9830-2 IMG_9829-2

here’s some behind the scenes of brainstorming at an earlier time too

IMG_9827-2 IMG_9826-2 IMG_9825-2

before the main consultation, i was going in all sorts of direction due to excitement in trying out different styles. however, after deciding with the concrete traits and how to symbolise/represent them, it was definitely easier to match the different line of equation with the colours.

let’s go through in this order:

001 me

002 a better me

003 an ideal me

004 me in 5 years


001 me

using the split complementary colours of red, yellow and blue with the equation

determined + curious = adventurous

(theme: layers, places and signs)

i believe that i am determined and curious, i want to find out things positively and this enables me to be an adventurer

IMG_9556-2 IMG_9555-2 IMG_9554-2

determined is about manipulating the existing STOP sign and changing it to a GO sign with the palm replaced with an ‘ok’ sign. this shows determination because i strongly believe that knowing that there will be things stopping your way in life, it is possible to overcome challenges.

red represent determination, passion and energy and of making quick decisions.

IMG_9793-2 IMG_9795-2 IMG_9796-2 IMG_9797-2 IMG_9549-2 IMG_9550-2 IMG_9548-2

curious is depicted in a way that you find yourself looking through a binoculars lens (tracing paper) and overlooking the city of Bangkok (photo taken early this year). constantly analyzing and always asking what’s what.

the yellow cut-out are of buildings that makes me wonder what goes on there and also the foreign (Thai) words on the banner of the roads.

yellow is known to stimulate mental activity, is an attention getter. it also evokes a cheerful and pleasant feeling.

IMG_9553-2 IMG_9551-2

adventurous, to me, is always in the nature, thus the mountains. the layers of mountains together with the grain for cutting. the black starry sky represents night time, which adds on to the adventure. the tracing paper shows a tent, meaning that the viewer is inside the tent.

blue represents colour of the sky and sea, stability and tranquility. it also has a calming effect.


002 a better me

using the complementary colours of red and blue with the equation

energetic – chaos = patience

(theme: waves)

when you have so much energy, you need to slow down, you need to take time to breathe and calm down and you will need patience. to remove the fast pased and chaos will be ideal

5e9342eeb7635e77b438bb268ede5c4f chaosss tumblr_lqvsknmjzn1r2auzfo1_500


energetic is represented in energy waves formation and it was done in different layers and how the 3/4 part of the wave starts getting higher and higher

red was used due to its representation of energy and determination

IMG_9812-2 IMG_9813-2 IMG_9814-2 IMG_9817-2

chaos shows crashing waves, together with marble texture and using many layers (tear by hand and cutting it in sharp triangles). there is a central in chaos, showing a huge wave is about to come and when it does all the pieces will be jumbled. this shows fast passing of time, movement and energy.

shades of red is used similar to the above reason.

IMG_9822-2 IMG_9821-2 IMG_9820-2 IMG_9819-2 IMG_9818-2 IMG_9811-2

patience has calm water as a backdrop with cut out of paper strips that form an islamic pattern. this meaning of adding religion in this is to symbolise inner peace and tranquility.

blue is the color of calmness, strong, balance and stability and peace.

some behind the scenes..

IMG_9733-2 IMG_9732-2 IMG_9731-2 IMG_9730-2 IMG_9729-2

(this is patience 2.0 as the first piece was not up to standard and it encourages me to be patient and redo it)

IMG_9721-2 IMG_9720-2 IMG_9719-2 IMG_9717-2 IMG_9716-2


003 an ideal me

using the analogous colours of blue, light green and indigo with the equation

inspiring x freedom = openness

(theme: mountains and wilderness)

when you are inspired easily, you tend to inspire unknowingly and with the freedom to do whatever you want, to have no restrictions, will lead to a broad-mindedness and to believe that anything is possible and reachable


inspiring is linked to nature, of a hiker or an explorer on top of a cliff with a view as beautiful as this. the bold colours shows a simplified version of the photo and is to inspire audience to live life as free as this, to be able to do something daring and inspiring.

these colours influences instead of preach and demands. it is also refreshing and friendly

IMG_9547-2 IMG_9790-2

freedom shows a large space with a tiny human scale. this shows that the world has endless of possibilities.

these colours, in this context, is about enjoying life and how blue and greens have this effects on us, to have the ability to plan for the future, and to recharge our spirit in times.


openness or broad-mindedness shows a person canoeing in front of a vast landscape and mountains. showing huge space and being free in a calming place. to know that there’s more to life than just concrete cities and work. to be able to life in the moment.

the colours are used due to the similar reasons as mentioned in the previous two points.

004 me in 5 years

using the monochromatic colour of yellow, together with black, grey and white with the equation

passionate + knowledgeable = distinct

(theme: frontal of a location)

to be passionate for something is to love and enjoy what you do, and to have the knowledge in what you want to know will result in you being able to create a style to call your own

IMG_9786-2 IMG_9783-2 IMG_9784-2 IMG_9785-2  IMG_9727-2 IMG_9728-2 IMG_9726-2 IMG_9725-2IMG_9734-2

being passionate means individuality. like what i’ve mentioned during the presentation, passion cannot be faked or forged. if you like or have an interest in something, or you do things that you enjoy, that is your passion. a workspace is a perfect location to show your passion. what you have on your walls, whether it’s your own works or what you enjoy to read or the cameras you have, that describes the type of person you are. that’s where your ideas are born. for my case, there are books, cameras and the photos i’ve taken. there is also a burlap that writes “go for it!”, where your words of encouragements and decorative items such as flowers are.

yellow shows enthusiasm and light yellow represents intellect. whereas gold shows achievement and a deeper understanding of self.

IMG_9724-2 IMG_9723-2 IMG_9722-2IMG_9735-2 IMG_9787-2 IMG_9788-2

being knowledgeable is important for the future. how does one increase his/her knowledge. by books. books are important source of information that are specifically packed for everyone. it contains precious information and thus, i’ve placed gold papers in some books to show that the content are golden/precious. the book that shades the lady is giving her a ‘roof’/a protection.

light yellow shows intellect and creativity, and it adds richness and warmth too. gold means abundance and inspires knowledge.

IMG_9780-2 IMG_9781-2IMG_9736-2IMG_9782-2

to be known for my distinct style is what i hope to achieve in 5 years time. this is of an artwork at a gallery that people are looking at. in the artwork there are so many people crammed in a photo, yet one stands out. the one who is different. the one who is coloured in bright yellow paint, yet faceless. to be known for the works i do and not just popularity is what i aim for. at the side, the small exhibit description writes titled: future, with gold embellishments. and at the bottom of the paper, i’ve attached gold confetti in a plastic that has writing on it that says “throw when it happens” as a form of celebration.

gold is related to ego and our sense of self worth, to how we feel about ourselves and how we are perceived by others.


in summary, the whole process of planning every single detail, to focus on the texture and end product, to use foam tape just to allow the paper to have a pop up effect and to have a synchronised theme of everything being black and white photo and to show a clear divider of the different colour harmonies allowed me to see who i was as a person and i really enjoyed that.

IMG_9834IMG_9834 - CopyIMG_9833 - CopyIMG_9833


here’s some extras of the creative wind presenting his artwork and the reaction of our classmates. 🙂

IMG_9746-2 IMG_9747-2 IMG_9749-2 IMG_9750-2 IMG_9751-2 IMG_9753-2 IMG_9755-2 IMG_9756-2 IMG_9757-2 IMG_9758-2 IMG_9759-2

with love and thanks,



there are so many colours in the world that we, human beings, can see

ps; not as many as bees

but here are the basic colours

primary colours consisting of red, blue and yellow


secondary colours that have an addition of orange, green and purple


and tertiary colours that includes yellow green, blue-green, blue-purple, red purple, red orange and yellow-orange.



 tint: when white is added to a pure colourcolor-tints

shade: when black is added to a pure colour


tone: when gray (black + white) is added to a pure colour




001 002 003 004

(source from: here)

emotion of colours


positive: physical courage, strength, warmth, energy, basic survival, ‘fight or flight’, stimulation, masculinity, excitement
negative: defiance, aggression, visual impact, strain


positive: intelligence, communication, trust, efficiency, serenity, duty, logic, coolness, reflection, calm
negative: coldness, aloofness, lack of emotion, unfriendliness


positive: optimism, confidence, self-esteem, extraversion, emotional strength, friendliness, creativity
negative: irrationality, fear, emotional fragility, depression, anxiety, suicide


positive: harmony, balance, refreshment, universal love, rest, restoration, reassurance, environmental awareness, equilibrium, peace
negative: boredom, stagnation, blandness, enervation


positive: spiritual awareness, containment, vision, luxury, authenticity, truth, quality
negative: introversion, decadence, suppression, inferiority


positive: physical comfort, food, warmth, security, sensuality, passion, abundance, fun
negative: deprivation, frustration, frivolity, immaturity



positive: physical tranquillity, nurture, warmth, femininity, love, sexuality, survival of the species
negative: inhibition, emotional claustrophobia, emasculation, physical weakness


positive: psychological neutrality
negative: lack of confidence, dampness, depression, hibernation, lack of energy


positive: Sophistication, glamour, security, emotional safety, efficiency, substance
negative: Oppression, coldness, menace, heaviness


positive: Hygiene, sterility, clarity, purity, cleanness, simplicity, sophistication, efficiency
negative: Sterility, coldness, barriers, unfriendliness, elitism


positive: seriousness, warmth, Nature, earthiness, reliability, support
negative: Lack of humour, heaviness, lack of sophistication

(source from: here)

colours are everywhere, in prints, on buildings, on objects etc!

there are many colours that are derived from these basic (primary, secondary and tertiary colours). colours that fall in between, or are a mixture of or comes from certain colours. here are some examples.

6a0120a6a93724970b0148c86f3c88970c-800wi 35_brockmanncover 215px-Meandyouandeveryone carnival colourss colourssssss coloursssssss coloursssssssssssss colourssssssssssssss LT63.-To-summer-sales-by-Underground-by-Horace-Taylor-1926 tumblr_mj5lekRxss1qkse9lo1_500 tumblr_mm38t1s7Ex1qkmc7wo3_500 tumblr_mmwwon42K21rnf3fvo1_500 tumblr_mmy6c3z0A71rggkyto4_500 tumblr_neh4213YvQ1qz6f9yo1_500coloursa57788e5e49f0a1aef2d37b965c555e6



nursery rhymes exploration,

nursery rhyme A:

humpty dumpty sat on a wall,

humpty dumpty had a great fall

all the king’s horses and all the king’s men

could not put humpty together again

(interpretation: from my understanding and imagination, humpty is a complicated being. despite being careless, he is a risk taker)

001//humpty dumpty sat on the wall

007design principles: symmetry in the curved brick wall and the black oval (little use of images, minimal)006design principles: contrast in size of the oval, repetition in brick walls, huge negative space

– different perspective of the wall > from the bottom-008design principles: direction – brings eye towards the sky due to the vertical lines, slight asymmetry from the shoe size difference, contrast of the foreground against the dark starry background (shoe was a little distracting)

010CHOSEN – design principles: balance, contrast in the blacks of the shoes as compared to the whites of the wall and the sky, asymmetrical due to the slight shoe size

– different perspective of the wall > from the top, shoelaces tied together –

010-5design principles: asymmetry, size of shoes, repetition in shoes, slight contrast in the colours of the shoes and the grey of the forest010-7design principles: asymmetry, size of shoes, repetition in shoes, slight contrast in the colours of the shoes

nursery rhyme A:

humpty dumpty sat on a wall,

humpty dumpty had a great fall

all the king’s horses and all the king’s men

could not put humpty together again

(interpretation: horses and men)

002//all the king’s horses and all the king’s men

001design principles: balance in each horse, symmetry in halves, contrast in negative space and shape of horse made of soldiers, repetition in pattern of soldiers

002design principles: repetition in pattern of soldiers and horses, movement in king’s and horses direction, slight contrast in the whites of the kind compared to the black background and alternate colours of soldiers, size of king is larger compared to the rest, divisions003design principles: balance in soldiers and horses (cut in the middle), repetition in soldiers and horses, size of king is larger compared to the rest, divisions004design principles: contrast in king and soldiers to the grey of the horses and the white background, unity in the pattern, symmetry except for the king’s face direction and the sword, repetition in soldiers, rhythm of the horses (big to small) and soldiers (big to small), size of king005design principles: symmetry except for the king’s face direction, repetition in soldiers and horses, size of king in the center (biggest), rhythm of the soldiers gradually increasing and the lighter contrast of the horses,

– slightly different in the usage of images > guns to represent the army/king’s men, horseshoe, horse feet, soldiers –

005-7design principles: repetition in soldiers in a linear pattern, gun mirrored, horse feet at all corners, contrast in blacks in the guns against the lined background, symmetry and balance in the overall composition, directional in the outer lines

005-5CHOSEN – design principles: repetition in soldiers in a linear pattern, gun mirrored, horse feet at all corners, contrast in blacks in the guns against the lined background, symmetry and balance in the overall composition, directional in the outer line (lighter background compared to the image above)


nursery rhyme B:

hey diddle diddle! the cat and the fiddle

the cow jumped over the moon

the little dog laughed to see such sport

and the dish ran away with the spoon

(interpretation: cow is represented by patty in between the moon burger buns)

 003//the cow jumped over the moon

011design principles: repetition and rhythm in cows of different sizes and contrast, size of the two planets012design principles: diagonal balance, size of the biggest object is the moon, contrast in the grey of the planets and the white of the cow013design principles: contrast in the foreground compared to the dark background, size of the cow is bigger than the moon, scale of image is bottom heavy014design principles: contrast of whites from the cow as compared to the shadows of the trees and the binoculars’ frame, asymmetrical balance of the moon and cow on the right and the three trees on the left015design principles: contrast in the whites of cow and the black of the camera frame016design principles: harmonyrhythm in cow, highlight of the cow, contrast in the whites of the cow compared to everything else017design principles: size of the cow and the moon against the swirly background, contrast of the white, grey and black018design principles: harmonyrhythm, repetition, contrast in the beef burgers019design principles: harmonyrhythm, repetition, contrast and proximity in the beef burgers  020design principles: rhythmrepetition, harmony, contrast021design principles: rhythmrepetition, harmony, contrast 022design principles: asymmetrical, rhythmrepetition, proximity, harmony, size

023CHOSEN – design principles: asymmetrical, rhythmrepetition, proximity, harmony, size

nursery rhyme C:

there was an old woman who lived in a shoe

she had so many children she didn’t know what to do

she gave them some broth without any bread

then whipped them all soundly and put them to bed

(interpretation: worried look of a woman, symbolism that represent children and motherhood – clothes, babies’ toys, cooking utensils

 004//she had so many children she didn’t know what to do



CHOSEN –  design principles: repetition, rhythm, harmony, contrast, scale