Project 1b: Paradox

Inspired from the idea of a dollhouse and the concept of play ( Child’s imagination and a child playing with toys).

Thus by using scale manipulation, I am able to show the contrasting effect in terms of size between the child and me. At the same time, the scaled down image of me in the kayak, make it looks as if I am a toy. I chose the background to be the galaxy as it shows the the endless possibilities of a child’s imagination. The field of flowers represent the innocence of the child. I also made use of the rule of thirds to position myself in the image. To further enhance the focus on me on the kayak, the child’s eyes are directed towards me to draw the focus to the direction that I planned.


The process I took was:

  • Finding and taking various shots of different distances
  • Picking the pictures that would best fit my concept
  • Fusing the images together to create a seamless piece of work

I enjoyed the process of being able to go around to take various photos, experimenting with the angle of my shots and to experiment with juxtaposing.


Project 1a: Strange Encounter

The strange world that I woke up to was a world of human-animal hybrids with a mix of common objects. Of which, every element of each character hides a hidden meaning or shows part of their personality.


Process taken:

  • Find and List each character’s personality
  • Finding objects and things that would show that hidden meaning
  • Think of how I can fuse the object with the character to show the meaning that i was trying to express through the character.

The manipulation process helped showcase each character’s personality and message to the audience.

The challenges that I faced were, thinking of objects or things from nature to represent the message intended and how to make the objects complement the character.

I really enjoyed the process of thinking thoroughly on what objects or things can help the audience interpret the character’s personality and thoughts better!

Strange Encounter Inspirations












Title: The Unknown Tragedy

Artist: Marcel Lisboa

What captivated me was how the artist manipulated images of nature, common objects and vintage images to create a surreal art piece that keeps the audience intrigued. Of which, the substitution of the face with the rose bouquet really drew my attention to the image as the rose bouquet stood out as the most prominent object in the centre of this artwork.

The approaches that artist used in his artwork to destabilise our perception were:

  • the use of a rose bouquet to substitute as the lady’s face
  • the addition of animals such as an elephant, humming bird and the head of a lion
  • the use of common objects like a typewriter, candle with a candle holder, lined paper and newspaper clippings, cloth (in the shape of a rose)
  • the faded duplicated images of the animals




Growing Love
Printable up to 12″x24″
File Photo:


Title: Growing Love

Artist: Eugenia Loli

The thing that captivated me about this piece of artwork is the way the artist created a simple collage that has a hidden but easily interpreted meaning behind it. She has managed to fuse the image of the flowers, couple and a person watering the plants to show the meaning of a love that is growing. With the flowers signifying the couple’s love and the woman watering the plant to signify the care put into helping the flowers grow. The bright colours of the flowers had also managed to draw my attention as it stands out more compared to the other images used.

The approach that the artist used to subvert expectation, was to replace half of the couple’s faces with flowers and to add in an image of an old woman overlooking a balcony watering the flowers with a watering can.