Week 2: Journal

By: Sujatha Meegama |

What is your favourite Buddhist Temple in Singapore? Why?

Mangala Vihara, Singapore

Mangala Vihara, Singapore

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(Edit) Feliciana Natali
There are a lot of Buddhist temples in Singapore, and I did heard that Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum is really beautiful. However, the only Buddhist Temple I have visited is Haw Par Villa, so this makes it my favorite Buddhist Temple. I was from a Christian school so I, together with my secondary school, visited this temple to know the story of Buddhism through the paintings, reliefs, and sculptures in the complex. The story-telling through its visual arts is pretty clear for me to understand without being guided by a tour guide around the villa. I visited this place 7 years ago but I still remember the '10 stages through hell' story. It is pretty gory: being boiled alive, cut int pieces, naked in extreme heat/cold, etc, hence it's more than enough to deter me from doing sins. The temple itself teaches a lot of things to the visitors. It communicates, and I like it.

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