Communication 301

Heya all! Thank you for this class, I learnt a lot about interactivity with spaces as well as about you guys!! My video laden with voice over to explain my intention is gonna appear below. Meanwhile, I shall talk a bit bout my difficulties and how I managed them.

Before I joined this class, I was hesitant because I have no programming knowledge whatsoever. Unless you count html that I did when I was in high school, “programing”. I remembered clearly that LPD said nope, that’s not programming. Hahaha… Apprehensive but intrigued at what this class could offer, I went ahead.

I’d like to thank Issac specially for being patient with me as he introduced Processing and Javascript to a newbie like myself. Without his interference, I might not have been able to achieve the automated recorder  and playback which are key elements to my work.

So I got to touch processing, led strip with fade candy and the transformer. These are new to me.

_MG_0550 _MG_0553 _MG_0556



the hardwares of my installation. ^



_MG_0539_MG_0545 _MG_0547 _MG_0548

Coding is tough, it’s really a language, another language that is illegible unless you spend time deciphering it. I wouldn’t dare say I understand the whole flow of Java. But it was a good start. I managed to make the playback random, and also managed to understand how the FadeCandy works so that I could color code my installation into three stages, “idle”, “recording”, “playback”. I also managed to make the recording mode ‘pulsates’ which was what I had in mind. Overall, the set-up wasn’t something I would have preferred, however with the limited resources and time, I decided upon a 1 is to 4 cups approach. Something smaller but more intimate. I chose the lounge to display my work hoping that the function of the lounge itself would lend meaning to my work; that it is a communal space for people to congregate and exchange dialogues and conversations.


I’d like to thank Kamarul for all the wonderful videos and photos, and the rest for being such a great sport.



You may leave a part of yourself in exchange for a part of another. 




Peace out.










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