Having a third eye

I’ve been meaning to share my ideas with regards to devices we are planning to make. Erm. It’s just sprung out of this idea of having a “third eye”. Watching your back almost. Seeing what you can’t.

So I m gonna create phone holders to hold two camera phones, the camera phones will skype each other. The user using the device is able to see the video feed from the back of his/her head and also a smaller video window that shows the user where he/she is walking to.

It’s just a simple idea. Feel free to comment.


The photos attached have two other ideas I came up with while brainstorming.

12633522_10153613447028705_1712263158131442846_o 12622156_10153613446928705_2150078249530706320_o12657215_10153613446278705_5589901868074689407_o

A nice weekend w my family

sundaychurch028 my nephews and nieces

Siblings and I my siblings and I


sundaychurch035 my siblings (got my bro to act as me)

266712_10150287508445930_6202333_o my siblings and I


So initially we were tasked with replicating our old photos. Which I gladly did because there’s something about memories with the association to my late mom’s photographs that I wanted to attempt. And just because I had the opportunity to do so in the same space with my family.


So these are all shot on FM2 with a 35mm lens. I of course did some alteration. Enjoy.

Clingy Time


So Prof. Louis brought in cling wraps to class and hoped we wrap each other up. With the idea of tension and release, I don’t think it went too well. There wasn’t any feelings to it other than the struggle to want to incorporate pre-conceived notions to it. Hahaha. And maybe I’m so used to being adult and not having fun, maybe I should just let loose.


But more than anything, I wanted to be wrapped more?

(my phone was sent for repair, so I lost all my footage shall be editing another one after I get the videos back from classmates)


Pen Interaction



So, my classmate Issac and I were supposed to “do something” with a pen. Well everybody was supposed to do something with objects as well and I think it was equally awkward as it is. Issac started to use the basic function of a pen and attempted to “draw” on me. A very boyish action but interesting as well. How else can the action of a pen (designed for a singular person approach) be interacted among two people? He then realised that determining distance is harder on the camera. Well, I didn’t agree with that, it was definitely different but not necessarily harder. We then realised it’s the play of depth that he found disconcerting. It makes me wonder what’s the difference? It’s not that we can “see” depth, depth is perceived based on the object size and position in relation to another. Which in the case of a video, it’s fine. However the angle of view is definitely different (in the case of the sony phone) it is wider than our human perceived field of view and thus caused the correlation of distance or depth to be “harder” but it is just really us, humans, not used to seeing things with the camera. Which makes me wonder if our eyes are just another camera, and that it can be change.



But all in all, it was great fun when we finally let out in exasperation “what are we supposed to do?” And Louis said, the point it is that there’s no instructions given. In my opinion, with regards to art making, this loss sense of purpose, (in most cases) is the worst scenario you want to put your audiences in. It’s a balance between subtle direction and just confusing them.


So we were supposed to look at our old photos and attempted to re-create them. Here are two photos I took with my siblings at church. I loved the space and garden and especially the mango trees growing at the back. For both the photos, I believed it was shot on an automatic film camera. It probably have quite a wide focal length, probably at 24mm or maybe 35mm.


Siblings and I




The shadow looks downcast and minimal, so it might have been taken in the late afternoon, closer to evening with overcast sky. That probably allowed the shadow to be soft.

For the first photo the whites look slightly purplish, I have no idea why. Maybe the greens faded? I don’t know. Explanation anybody?

Temporal Photography



The problem I have with photography is that it is a still image, a still medium. It’s not necessary a bad thing, but it is how it is. It takes reference from paintings. Cinema take references from theatre. Despite both mediums using cameras, they are essentially and fundamentally very different. Attached above, isn’t my work but just a photograph I took with a longer shutter, swirling my camera around. I was at Bandung and I was bored so I attempted to capture an image with movement hoping to translate the duration of my swing as well. However, how far can it be pushed? Must the love of photography be constrained in just still images? Can photography be pushed beyond it’s own boundaries?

Photography does show time. Actually, it freezes time. Classic. But it does not interact.