Having a third eye

I’ve been meaning to share my ideas with regards to devices we are planning to make. Erm. It’s just sprung out of this idea of having a “third eye”. Watching your back almost. Seeing what you can’t.

So I m gonna create phone holders to hold two camera phones, the camera phones will skype each other. The user using the device is able to see the video feed from the back of his/her head and also a smaller video window that shows the user where he/she is walking to.

It’s just a simple idea. Feel free to comment.


The photos attached have two other ideas I came up with while brainstorming.

12633522_10153613447028705_1712263158131442846_o 12622156_10153613446928705_2150078249530706320_o12657215_10153613446278705_5589901868074689407_o

Author: Adar Ng

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