Communication 301

Heya all! Thank you for this class, I learnt a lot about interactivity with spaces as well as about you guys!! My video laden with voice over to explain my intention is gonna appear below. Meanwhile, I shall talk a bit bout my difficulties and how I managed them.

Before I joined this class, I was hesitant because I have no programming knowledge whatsoever. Unless you count html that I did when I was in high school, “programing”. I remembered clearly that LPD said nope, that’s not programming. Hahaha… Apprehensive but intrigued at what this class could offer, I went ahead.

I’d like to thank Issac specially for being patient with me as he introduced Processing and Javascript to a newbie like myself. Without his interference, I might not have been able to achieve the automated recorder  and playback which are key elements to my work.

So I got to touch processing, led strip with fade candy and the transformer. These are new to me.

_MG_0550 _MG_0553 _MG_0556



the hardwares of my installation. ^



_MG_0539_MG_0545 _MG_0547 _MG_0548

Coding is tough, it’s really a language, another language that is illegible unless you spend time deciphering it. I wouldn’t dare say I understand the whole flow of Java. But it was a good start. I managed to make the playback random, and also managed to understand how the FadeCandy works so that I could color code my installation into three stages, “idle”, “recording”, “playback”. I also managed to make the recording mode ‘pulsates’ which was what I had in mind. Overall, the set-up wasn’t something I would have preferred, however with the limited resources and time, I decided upon a 1 is to 4 cups approach. Something smaller but more intimate. I chose the lounge to display my work hoping that the function of the lounge itself would lend meaning to my work; that it is a communal space for people to congregate and exchange dialogues and conversations.


I’d like to thank Kamarul for all the wonderful videos and photos, and the rest for being such a great sport.



You may leave a part of yourself in exchange for a part of another. 




Peace out.










Augment Video – Film

So hello again,

This is my augmented video on the level 3 Gents. I gathered my friends and gave them each an action to do. It was a good exercise on creating a scene. I had fun as much as they do, I believe.


So based off my earlier posts, I wanted to challenge the perception of private spaces and that of ladies and gents. It’s quite funny that a space evolves to such a sacred place because of a signage placed outside the toilet. In this video, I re-created a scene whereby it’s a free-for-all toilet and what are the possibilities it may be.


Thank you everybody who helped out in this!


Having A Third Eye Try-out



So to conclude this device, I’m going to go through the considerations of building it and the concept that goes behind it.

Building it:
So I set out to build two corrugated plastic boxes to hold two phones that are going to Skype each other.

Other than the usual cutting and measurements to make sure it fits the phone I wanted it to with the right hole for the camera etc.

I also made certain safety precautions for example,  I scotch taped the side  that was facing the user to make sure that no sharp edges is gonna cause a cut.

And that the twines were able to fastened the phone tightly such that it will not slip off the box I made. However during class, the twines that were used to hold the boxes onto the head had problems which resulted in manual holding.


two cameras


Maybe the scenario of walking around in the Sunken Plaza doesn’t exactly fulfill this change in perception. But imagine scenarios where you had to order lunch, hang out at the lounge, interact with people. More than anything I wanted to explore this new perspective that is now bestowed upon the user. The ability to see what goes on behind your back. To attain a (almost) 360 view of your life, rather than just a one sided view. To liberate the user from the physical limitations of our sight.

This liberation enables us to see a lot more and thus communicate differently. There is no need to turn your head just to look at a specific subject, you can just see and communicate with your back facing your friends. You can watch people more effectively, you won’t need to be afraid of what is behind you. Neither will you need to feel the urge to turn back and wave the last goodbye, you can just watch your treasured ones as you leave, and they too, know that you’re looking at them as you leave.

And at a party, standing in the corner or the wall will no longer be safe and comforting with half your vision impaired. Contradictory, standing right in the middle of the room will be the utmost comfort, as it is optimally where you can see everybody.


seeing another perspective

I guess having “a third eye” will fundamentally change a lot of things, of how we build a space (architecturally), and also how we transverse space.


Our first group shot: looking good!



The link for the documentation video is below: