Pen Interaction

So, my classmate Issac and I were supposed to “do something” with a pen. Well everybody was supposed to do something with objects as well and I think it was equally awkward as it is. Issac started to use the basic function of a pen and attempted to “draw” on me. A very boyish action but interesting as well. How else can the action of a pen (designed for a singular person approach) be interacted among two people? He then realised that determining distance¬†is harder on the camera. Well, I didn’t agree with that, it was definitely different but not necessarily harder.¬†We then realised it’s the play of depth that he found disconcerting. It makes me wonder what’s the difference? It’s not that we can “see” depth, depth is perceived based on the object size and position in relation to another. Which in the case of a video, it’s fine. However the angle of view is definitely different (in the case of the sony phone) it is wider than our human perceived field of view and thus caused the correlation of distance or depth to be “harder” but it is just really us, humans, not used to seeing things with the camera. Which makes me wonder if our eyes are just another camera, and that it can be change.



But all in all, it was great fun when we finally let out in exasperation “what are we supposed to do?” And Louis said, the point it is that there’s no instructions given. In my opinion, with regards to art making, this loss sense of purpose, (in most cases) is the worst scenario you want to put your audiences in. It’s a balance between subtle direction and just confusing them.

Author: Adar Ng

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