Zumthor – Atmospheres

Having read Atmospheres, I found that the most relevant part is when he mentioned how architecture collects different materials, and other objects, to create a space.

Looking at PD4 in retrospect, the curation of materials was very important as our project had the spatial experience as an important component.  The space is built by the materials, and hence the materials needed to be curated properly.

For example, there needed to be a certain softness and lightness in the ceiling detail as we proposed for the structure, such that it could move in the wind and provide a visual effect that the materials on their own would not be able to.

This reading seems to deal heavily with the sensory experience of a space, which is relevant as to our project – the senses help to create a certain expectation as to what a space can do. As we intended, the sensory triggers were meant to induce a certain emotion, and recognition of natural phenomena by artificial means.

With these sensory triggers in mind, it would help to create a unique identity for the space that we would go on to develop for the project

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