LEDsketch: Erasable Graffiti

Link to PDF here

Erasable Graffiti is an interactive work that involves communication between ZigSim on mobile and Processing on desktop. I decided to play with using 2d touch to produce different shapes depending on how many fingers are pressing on the phone screen. I’ve decided to use 2 fingers and when one finger is on the screen, the finger can only produce circles, and the second finger that presses on the same screen will produce squares.

Below is the video of the final product

(tbh i do think the circle patterns look like ratatouille)

This project was fun and interesting, considering that I was still new on using ZigSim and half the time I was still wondering how to understand the different types of data on both software. It would be nice if these kinds of interactions between the phone and a bigger screen could be used for projection mapping (in terms of having real-time scribbles on buildings).

Author: Amanda Lee

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