Project 2 – The Improbability of Vision

Project Information

For this project, we had to create an optical illusion or an optic image that confuses the mind. I decided to do research on Kokichi Sugihara, a Japanese mathematician and artist who is well-known for his three-dimensional optical illusions that seem to defy logic.

Chosen Optical Illusion

I decided to try out his triply ambiguous object as i felt that it would be interesting to challenge myself to create a two-dimensional plane and make it seem like a three-dimensional object.

The triply ambiguous object is a set of cuboids drawn on a piece of paper, and are seen to be stacked on top of each other. On plain sight it seems like a drawing, but when placed in a space with only 1 colour with 2 mirrors, it appears to be three-dimensional, and each angle seen from each mirror looks like a different object.

The key to creating and perfecting this illusion is the angle in which the cuboids are drawn. Usually, cuboids are drawn with a 90 degree angle on each side, but in this case, to make it appear 3-dimensional, we have to draw the cubiods with an angle of 120 degrees instead. The 3 main axes of the drawing are connected by a 120 degrees angle. Thus, in order for it to appear 3-dimensional in real life, this illusion must be seen from a certain angle.

The PDF guide for this illusion is below:

triply ambiguous object


I realised that the triply ambiguous object did not look as 3-dimensional in real life than in pictures. Probably that is because our cameras flattens certain dimensions and aspects that our eyes usually comprehend, thus allowing us to see the object as 3-dimensional through the phone screen.

Improvements that can be made would probably be engulfing the whole set-up in a black backdrop/ put the set-up in a box with 1 light source.


Set-up of project

Video of object can be found here


Project 1: Bristle Bot

Bristle bots was the idea i used for my drawing machine idea. I encountered the making of the bristle bot through a kids science website and decided to try it out with bigger brushes.


Bristle Bot Perspectives

Orthographic Drawings of the Bristle Bots

Drawings made by Bristle Bots

Links for the videos of the drawings made by the Bristle Bots

Bristle Bots round 1 with permanent marker here

Bristle Bots round 2 with permanent marker here

Bristle Bots round 3 with permanent marker here

Bristle Bots round 1 with acrylic paint here

Bristle Bots round 2 with acrylic paint here

Bristle Bots round 3 with acrylic paint here

Bristle Bots round 1 with permanent marker and acrylic paint here

  • Can put a pen holder for the permanent markers so that the markers can be replaced when they run out of ink
  • Start the bristle bots from a common starting point and then let them run
  • Use a smaller canvas for more equal distribution