3 Acts of Lifeline

In Lifeline, an interactive text game, we follow the protagonist Taylor.





In the beginning, we realised that due to a fault in his spaceship, he is stranded on a planet far from Earth, away from his spaceship and crews. The only communication that he has is with the player – us. He then later discovers his destroyed and crashed ship and dead crew members, and now his objective is to find a way to survive and get back to Earth.

Then, through his journey on the planet, he discovered other crashed spaceships and also a prominent peak that he decided to discover. He found out that the peak was a fortress and there was a door that he could enter. He discovered that it was the base of the aliens inhabiting the planet and they were the cause of his ship crashing. And they were at the point of destroying another ship in the orbit.

He stopped that from happening and went on to save the people on board the spaceship from the aliens which also brought him away from the planet and back home to earth.


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