Do you want The Big Kiss?

What is it?

The Big Kiss (2007) was done by Annie Abrahams and it shows 2 people attempting to kiss through the network, using webcam technology[i].

So what?

This is quite a clear example of how the Third Space is being used. A definition of the Third Space is as follows

“The third space represents the fusion of the physical  (first space) and the remote (second space) into a third space that can be inhabited by remote users simultaneously or asynchronously.”

-Randall Packer, The Third Space (2014)

For two people being in two different space, they are being brought together in the third space for an interaction; to try and achieve a connection that you can get normally get from being in the real space.

It does create an experience that enables people to response to what is live on the wall; in the third space, making it seemingly real. From this, we can see that the use of the third space fragments and juxtaposes our sense of reality through

“a remix of relationships, images, and memories.”

-Randall Packer, The Third Space (2014)

Despite the experience not being physically real, the technology that is present and readily available almost everywhere allows us to have a new way of seeing through a fracturing of the perception. As seen from this part of the article:

“And from the ubiquitous state of shared presence we have come to inhabit an entirely new way of seeing via a fracturing of perception.”

-Randall Packer, The Third Space (2014)

From all of this…

Indeed The Big Kiss by Annie Abrahams allows us to see an example of how the third space enables us to engage in activities even if there is a physical gap between two people. However, the third space still does not cover the entire experience of kissing (in this example), since it involves the use of other senses like touch, but with the current developments of technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and gradually Augmented Reality (AR), the gap could be bridged closer very soon.


[i] Randall Packer,


3 thoughts on “Do you want The Big Kiss?

  1. Interesting that you suggest that physical sensation might be possible over the network with the advancements in VR and AR. Does that concern you? Do you think that people might rely on these techniques in avoidance of human contact in RL? I think an aspect of The Big Kiss is questioning intimacy in third space, both in terms that there is a visceral quality to this type of telematic interaction, but also, perhaps this is a dystopian direction. We can discuss this further in class.

  2. Indeed, such technology cannot fully replicate/replace certain activities that require physical intimacy. Nevertheless, on a broader spectrum, it manages to capture the essence of seeing the activity, yet raises the question – what is real and what is not. The arena for experimentation has been expanded.

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