Curvilinear Volumes Process


Curvilinear Process-min (You can find the PDF version of my process here:))


Process 1

I noticed that for this model, my D and SD were too similar. Hence, I decided to make my D even bigger and cutting down the length of my SD. Also, i thought that it will be interesting to pierce my SD through the D but ever so slightly. I also decided to make my SO a little smaller so that it really looks like my model is floating.


For this model, the object that is balancing this whole structure is actually the cone. Without it, it wouldn’t be able to balance. I wanted to make it the SO but it is too similar to the SD. Hence, I decided to make the SO smaller and the SD slightly wider.


Similar to the model above, my SD (cylinder) and SO(cone) are once again too similar. Hence, I decided to make the SO smaller and the SD thicker and shorter.

2 thoughts on “Curvilinear Volumes Process

  1. I can barely read your annotation in your 2D sketch analysis. The layout is fine, the resolution isn’t. For Model 3, make your cylinder (SD) 1/2 its current diameter & 2/3 the diameter of the sphere (D). Your current adjustment actually makes it even more similar to the sphere.. You are doing exactly what you should NOT be doing. It worries me..( ^^;) Please check the other 2 sketch analysis to ensure you did not make the same error as you have in Model 3.

    1. Hello Miss Cheryl:)

      I have attached a PDF version in my post though, because I can’t upload pictures that are too high res on OSS. And will definitely check again. Thanks:)

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