Curvilinear Process Updated

Based on feedback given to me by Miss Cheryl, I decided to revise my previous curvilinear sketch analysis. In order to make it easier to see, I decided to draw over my pictures too. I think this method is definitely easier and visually easier to see because both the picture and the analysis can be bigger and clearer.


The link above is the PDF version of my process, so that y’all can see my images clearer and better:)

Process 1




This exercise was definitely more interesting because we are dealing with different shapes and overall, it looks more pleasing to look at. However, this exercise was as challenging as the rectilinear because I find it quite difficult to visualize in 3D at times. However, it has taught me the slightly more precise side to design. I am not someone who is very precise and so through this, it has definitely taught me to pay attention to details. 🙂

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