Project 3 Proces

The project ego is about making equations of

Me + Setting = Reaction/etc.

I thought of expressing ‘me’ with different organs of the human body. At first, I was unsure of how to continue from there. Thus, I focused on expressing my personality. Often, or most of the time, I am driven by cravings. I think myself as someone with simple persona. I will be happy when simple cravings are satisfied.

In the end, I came up with these 4 equations.

Brain + Information = Error. Information Overload.

Stomach  + Strawberry = Happy.

Liver + Alcohol = Love.

Intestines + Toilet = Pain.

Brain + Information = Error. Information Overload.


The overall colour tone is cold. For the last image, I thought of twisting the reaction of satisfying enquiry to image of frying the brain.

Stomach  + Strawberry = Happy.


I struggled with this line the most. It was hard to come up with appropriate images and colours. I wanted the colours to be bright so that it looks delicious. This is the line that I changed the colours the most. Initially, I just vaguely thought of food but I decided to focus on one and I remembered this memory of eating packs of strawberries at one go as I was young and till now.

Liver + Alcohol = Love.


This line is one of the most satisfying one. As I was choosing organs, I immediately linked with liver and alcohol. The colours are warm and cold at the same time. For the last image, I found this vintage alcohol advertisement and I fell in love with her expression. I thought that it really depicted the feeling I wanted to portray.


Intestines + Toilet = Pain.


Ever since I was a baby, I had hard time pooping properly. My parents had to go ER often to dig out poop out of my body. Until now, I still find it hard to poop and I also cannot poop often. So I wanted to portray the feeling of pain and emptiness of the toilet. For the last image, I found this image on pinterest and I thought that it portrayed exactly what I wanted to feel.




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