Project 2:Progress

The movie that I have chosen is Howl’s moving castle.


The movie quotes are:

  1. You’re wearing that hat? After all the magic I used to make your dress pretty?
  2. I don’t cook! I’m a scary and powerful fire demon!
  3. I’m delirious, spots are crawling up before my eyes.


You’re wearing that hat? After all the magic I used to make your dress pretty?



For this composition, I tried to create magic like illusion with the use of hats and representing the lady as the witch.

I don’t cook! I’m a scary and powerful fire demon!


I’m not too sure about this composition. But I liked the expression that the girl has on her face, representing her as the fire demon.

I’m delirious, spots are crawling up before my eyes.



Process Models – Curvilinear Volumes

This is the second project using cylinders, spheres and cones, exploring the relationship between dominant, sub-dominant and sub-ordinate and the movements among these 3 volumes. There is independent, dependent and precarious balance.


Model 1Model 3








The dominant (D) is the sphere, the sub-dominant (SD) is the cone and the sub-ordinate (SO)  is the cylinder. Making the sphere as the D causes the balance of the whole composition to be stable on the ground. Thus this did not end up as the final model. The SD is balancing precariously on top of the D and SO is sitting on top of the base of the cone. Compared to the sphere, the length of the cone is too similar. Thus, the length of the cone has to be much reduced. Similarly, the length of the cylinder is comparable to the length of the cone, thus the length should also be reduced.


Model 2

photo_2016-09-14_16-50-03 photo_2016-09-14_16-49-54 photo_2016-09-14_16-50-06

Model 2

The dominant (D) is the cylinder, the SD is cone and the SO is the sphere. This is dependent balance. In this model, the sphere is too big compared to the cone. So, I thought of reducing the cone slightly and reducing the sphere much more all around.

Model 3

photo_2016-09-14_16-50-35 photo_2016-09-14_16-50-38 photo_2016-09-14_16-50-26







Model 1The D is the cone, the SD is the cylinder and the SO is the sphere. This model is the process model of the final model. The diameter of the cylinder was small compared to the diameter of the sphere. This is also the dependent balance so I thought that I should experiment with independent balance. But I also had hard time placing the cylinder, which is the SD. It was as if the cylinder is out of place wherever I put it. So, I went back to the dependent balance in the final model.



Marking Making Tool

My mark-making tools are fountain pen and strings.

01 This mark is made by fountain pen and ink. I felt that using ink, I can express raw emotions (usually negative emotions). The contrast is strong and the saturation of the ink give desirable effect.










These marks are made with strings. Some of the marks I bounced the strings saturated with ink. I thought that the bouncing motions give out positive emotions with energy.
Some of the marks I made by arranging the inked string between two papers and pulling the string held between two papers. This method creates different pattern from drawing the lines. I felt that it creates an expression of wings.


2D Sketch Analysis of 2 Models

Model 1

IMG_6024 IMG_6025IMG_6026

(2) Draft 1


IMG_6083 IMG_6084








2D Sketch Analysis

(2) Draft 2The height of the SO is comparable to the height of the SD. Moreover, the height of the SD is similar to the width of D. Thus, the height of SO should become much more smaller and make the SD smaller as well. I turned the SO to the other side so that the width of the SO vary compared to SD without making the SO much smaller. And I pierced the SO so that it can be seen from other angles as well. The model came out with clear D, SD, and SO with the nice balance of volumes. However, I did not make this a final model as I felt that it is not as interesting composition as the final model.


Model 2


IMG_5976 IMG_5977










IMG_6021 IMG_6022









2D Sketch Analysis

(3) Draft 1

Model 2 had a lot of problems. In some angles, the D has less presence compared to SD. SO should move more towards the ⅓ of SD and could me thinner. Moreover, it is stacked towards one side, so it would be nicer to counterbalance the composition by putting SO to the other side.


Model 3 (Drafts of the Final Model)


IMG_6027 IMG_6028 IMG_6030




















2D Sketch Analysis

(1) Draft 1(1) Draft 2






So this is the 2 drafts before the final model. At first, SO was too big compared to SD, so SO was reduced a lot in both lengths and height. SD had similar height to D’s width. So, I reduced it to ⅔ of D. After the second model, the D was too big compared to SD and SO, thus, the size of the dominant was reduced. After reducing the width of D, it looked similar to the height of SD, thus SD was reduced again. The orientation of SO also changed to counter balance the SD. Before, SO and SD was placed on the same side. After changing, SO was placed at the other end diagonally opposite of SD. SO looked slightly similar to SD, thus the size of SO reduced a lot from the top view as well, which led me to the final model.