4D II Project 2 – Soundscape

Here’s the link to the sound cloud!

Artist Statement

This soundscape shows an imagined interior of a stomach. It describes a journey of a stomach processing a food. The sound starts off with a crowded food court and it coincides with a sound of a clock. From this point, the internal sound of the stomach kicks off. It is designed with a mixture of gears. The tempo of the sound is influenced by the energy from food. The sound of the factory is mixed with the sounds of squeaky machine. To make the sounds still within the body, layers of sounds of viscous boiling are interlaced with the sounds of the mechanical system. The soundscape ends back in reality with a sound of a burp.

Concept Development

I took a while to even start thinking of the concept. At first, I was thinking of bloodlust but it led me to craving for food that guides my way of life. It was hard to think of representing the sound of the internal organ. What inspired me was the body clock of me that always alerts the hunger. This led me to think of the stomach as a system that is fuelled by food. It was hard to produce the mechanical sounds myself which led me to use database of freesound. The recorded sounds that I used are the noise of the crowded food court and the ticking sound of the clock. From these sounds, I played around with the effects in audacity which transformed the atmosphere of the work as I overlaid changed squeaky sound of the elevator.

The system is slow and does not run smoothly without food. The food goes down the pipe echoing down and the system starts to operate and becomes excited. The speed of the gears turning increases. These sounds dominate the soundscape and there are numerous layers of atmospheric sounds. I tried to balance the background sounds of the factory and more soft sounds of stomach acid boiling.

It was challenging to imagine the soundscape without any example but I like to listen to the sounds inside human’s body by pressing my ear to the stomach. This inspired me to recreate my interpretation of the internal sounds.

Anyways this is the process that I took to create the soundscape! Enjoy!


This sound piece uses these sounds from freesound: wetbelch4.wav by plingativator (www.freesound.org/people/plingativ…r/sounds/101182/), SH-6 001.aif by creebefu (www.freesound.org/people/creebefu/sounds/60125/), winding up an alarm clock.wav by ShotgunPicker (www.freesound.org/people/ShotgunPi…r/sounds/136521/), Analog Alarm Clock by bone666138 (www.freesound.org/people/bone66613…ne_rotation2.mp3 by Taira Komori (www.freesound.org/people/Taira%20K…i/sounds/213690/), Liquide by earlcash05 (www.freesound.org/people/earlcash05/sounds/319776/).