Glitch // Perfection Renders Us Obsolete

This zine attempts to uncover our obsessive need to be perfect – for ourselves and for others. As we strive towards perfection, we become stagnant once we felt that we reach the zenith, and soon rest on our laurels. There is a lack of willpower to constantly improve due to complacency. As we perfected ourselves, we tend to want to please others and get “likes” on social media such as Instagram and Facebook as a form of self-validation. Thus we will reach a critical point where everyone, in the need to be perfect, will end up striving for the same aesthetics on their social media feed and their lifestyle; everything else is seen as “bad taste”.

#agameoftones #sgig #minimalstream #eatclean #whiteagram #sgboy #sggirl #exploresingapore #like4like #follow4follow #ig_masters

The zine gets glitchier as the pages progress, and the words soon replaced by symbols and codes.


The video is kinda low-res. Sorry. But its the only way to show how the transparency and the bookmark works.

Password: Glitch


I wish that I had more time to play with binding instead of the usual saddle stitch. The wires used as I was attempting to create the Japanese stab binding method failed as it leans more towards unpolished than kitschy.

I like the outcome of the work and the colours appeared exactly as it is in soft copy (was rather worried as the colours come out rather dull on my house printer).

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