Art History: Week 1 Journal


Like most people here in ADM (I assume, because we rely heavily on visuals), I believe i’m more of a visual learner. I used to draw mind-maps and write my own notes because I remember images better than I remember text. I have always wondered why I was able to recall information more easily that way so, I turned to google and did a search.

“By representing information spatially and with images, students are able to focus on meaning, reorganise and group similar ideas easily, and make better use of their visual memory.”

It is literally “photographic” memory. When I study and remember the mind-map as a whole image, it becomes easier for me to pick out specific information that I need.

I also find that I learn better with friends. In JC, my friends and I used to study together all the time. That way, if any of us had any questions or topics we didn’t understand, we could ask one another for help. When we had discussions, those who were weaker in that particularly topic was able to learn from those who had better understanding of that topic.

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