My Line is Emo – All in one

The entire project had been an emotional roller coaster ride, mainly involving the emotions frustration, angst, exhaustion and relief! Haha!

I’ve decided to document and compile everything into one post, so bear with me if it seems lengthy! But I guess it shows the process much easier in one post!

Mark Making:

We had to bring our own mark making tools for class. Initially, I had no idea what I should bring, so I decided to make some of my own! As class progressed, I realized that literally ANYTHING can be used as a mark making tool.

Mark Making Tools

We also learned how to use a paint on roller and how to achieve a nice, full black print. We got to experiment and explore with different techniques using paint and chinese ink.


Exploration of paint using a Roller


This is only the beginning

We may have gone a bit too wild and started trying out endlessly possibilities achieving some form of mark making. But in the end, we made some really cool results!


My Mark Making Loots! 2dpic6

Example of  a good Mark Making work


We also had the opportunity to do mono-printing! I have never done mono-printing before and have always wonder how they’re done, so this was an eye opener for me. We have to lino-cutting which is done by cutting the surface of a Lino, spreading paint evenly onto it and then run through a print machine.

 2dpic7 2dpic8

The amount of paint and pressure used can affect the outcome of the print

We got a hands on experience of trying the lino-printing, and these were what I produced!

2dpic9 2dpic10 2dpic11Dark is my soul which I have just touched

The main result were paint-covered hands.

Overall, who knew mark making could be fun? But we all know, that that’s just the beginning. Now all we have to do was link our mark marking and emotions together.

Memory Drawing:

For this, we had to tap into our subconscious to do automatic drawings. A simple way to do so is Memory Drawing. In Memory drawing, we have to think of whichever emotions we want to portray. For example , for a Happiness, we need to think of something that makes us happy or a moment in or life where we felt a strong feeling of happiness. And by doing so, we let our hands do the automatic drawings.







Process Work:

How I started was that I did experimental works first. Mainly exploration of techniques and mark marking to see what I can achieve. After which, I might look at a particular print and see what kind of emotions it elicits or reminds me of. I would make notes in my journal about it so I would not forget what I have thought of.

2dpic15 2dpic16
Experimental works

The next step for me was to categorize the prints I have done and other future-prints I might do into the main emotions; happiness, love, sadness, fear, anger, surprise. This allows me to view my ideas in a much easier sense and I can easily refer back to it for inspirations. I also in down my thoughts on how I feel about each emotions. I also tried exploring other forms of mediums and tools such as glue and strings.

2dpic17 2dpic18 2dpic19 2dpic20

Categorized emotions + Further exploration

Last was to do various prints of them and then use the cropping tool method to see what kind of results I would get. I would do at least 5 strips for each of my chosen emotion and pick the best out from them to be used in my final project.


Example: Sentimentality

Final Project: My Line is Emo

(cue drumroll)


List of chosen emotions from Top to Bottom:

Tenderness Rage
Sentimentality Annoyance
Wacky Frustration
Psychotic Alienation
Excitement Surprise
Fear Melancholy
Anxiety Woe
Distress Misery
Conflicted Exhausted

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