Hello, my name is…

joan! ☺

1  Typography


I’ve always been concerned about the issue of diminishing natural habitat and reduction of biodiversity. As an animal lover, there is always a sense of desolation whenever natural habitats are demolished. Natural species are wiped out (hence the blanking out of my name) as a result.
Also, some people say I look like a giraffe/(eat like a giraffe???). Therefore I used giraffe prints to represent myself (if I were part of the animal kingdom).

2  Abstract


“Let the sea
set you free.”

To me, water is comfort. My favourite kind of relaxation is to hang around the beach or a pool, soothed by the sound of waves lapping against the shore or the bubbling underwater.
This abstract design is inspired by Japanese wave paintings and motifs, and the use of the colours blue and gold signifies tranquility and joy, as well as the bubbling excitement whenever I get to swim.

3  Conceptual


I feel that everyone can be represented by a certain animal(s). This design is inspired by the people around me, with unique, or rather quirky personalities. The essence of who I am today is shaped by the people I interact with everyday, and hence a collage of quirky, awkward animals (/creatures?) represents me.




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